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In the past month, YEC members have been working hard putting together successful partnerships, running their companies and meeting new goals. Below are just a few featured accomplishments of four members.

Ryan Wilson’s company FiveFifty wins “Employer of the Year” from Digiday.

FiveFifty is a digital marketing trade desk focusing on programmatic media buying. FiveFifty brings its clients a decade of media buying experience and a commitment to marketing performance across nearly every website on the Internet. It recently won employer of the year in the small agency category. Read more here.

Frank Cefalu’s company Animus Interactive Inc. recently featured on

YEC member Frank Cefalu’s company, Animus Interactive Inc. was featured in this blog post regarding their successes at running a remote workforce. Last year, Animus Interactive finally released their first title, Avalon Lords. Leveraging his technology experience, Cedalu went from not knowing how to make a video game to creating one featured by PC Gamer at Pax East in 2016. Animus Interactive continues with its newest title Ascendancy with an expected release in 2018.

Says Game Director Chris Schoolcraft on their strategy in the post: “Our “average day” isn’t the typical business hours due to the difference in Time Zones. Each person has an agreed upon time that they work and then we have set times for voice/video meetings using Google Hangouts. These are split up by department so Art meets at a certain time, Devs another, etc.”

Read the full article here.

Steve Gentile launches successful “Family Dinner With Dawn” event

YEC member Steve Gentile, CEO of Pinpoint Promotions, recently concluded a project/event for Dawn Dish Soap called Family Dinner with Dawn.

Says Gentile, “In short, we built 2,000 feet of branded picnic tables, over 6 city blocks, to feed 2,500 people a free 3-course meal for 1 intimate sit-down dinner as a family in Lambertville, NJ. And we cleaned all of the plates with 1 bottle of Dawn (technically 5,760 plates to be exact). The event was huge and the amount of media coverage and impressions it has been receiving has impressive.”

Since its inception, Pinpoint Promotions has experienced consecutive back-to-back years of increased sales and overall business growth through Gentile’s leadership and vision. As Pinpoint Promotions continues to grow, well-recognized companies from around the county trust Pinpoint Promotions to strategically help market and promote their brands. Steve appreciates working with passionate, driven, hard-working people and enjoys empowering businesses by producing creative solutions to complex or unique business problems.

Kevin Xu’s company MEBO international partners with Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Says Xu, the partnership is “to use the infrastructural strength held by governments and other institutions to develop strategies that support the future health and wellness of women and children. Partners will use their considerable resources to build cross-sector relationships that can ultimately aid impoverished women and children, specifically in Malaysia and Thailand.”

Mebo will focus on the burn-related mortalities in each region, pledging to donate 5,000 tubes of its ointment in 2017, and 10,000 in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Mebo will also station burn doctors around Malaysia to provide free medical care and guidance for women and children.

Read more about it here.

These are just a handful of YEC members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here. Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments to our team.