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Wondering what YEC members have been up to this month? Turn on your TV and go to your local bookstore because they have been and are going to be featured far and wide.

Below, we highlight six members and their big news.

Chris Gronkowski to Appear on “Shark Tank”

This Sunday, October 15th, watch YEC member Chris Gronkowski (brother of Rob Gronkowski) on ABC’s “Shark Tank” with his product Ice Shaker.

Jean Ginzburg Launches New Book

Jean Ginzburg, CEO of Ginball Digital Marketing, is coming out with a new book, “How to Attract, Connect and Convert more Prospects into Customers in 60 Days Using Digital Marketing Strategies.” It delivers a framework for entrepreneurs to put in place for digital strategy and tactics, which are applied to grow an e-commerce business.

The book launched September 20. You can order it at:

Candidate Guru Acquires Elevated Careers by eHarmony

Steve Carter‘s company Candidate Guru recently announced its acquisition of Elevated Careers by eHarmony.

Says Carter, “eHarmony, the dating site, developed a solution for the workplace called Elevated Careers. We bought that company to round out our portfolio in the HR tech space.” In the company press release, he mentions that he believes “Elevated Careers will give Candidate.Guru what they need to provide the human resource industry deeper insights into the talent needed to drive performance in organizations.”

You can read more about the acquisition here.

Elizabeth Grace Saunders Announces Upcoming Book Launch

Elizabeth Grace Saunders, founder and CEO of Real Life E Time Coaching & Speaking, is coming out with her third book.

Hachette is releasing “Divine Time Management: The Joy of Trusting God’s Loving Plans for You” on November 14, 2017. Elizabeth has published two previous books with McGraw Hill and Harvard Business Review, and this is her first Christian-inspiration book. It looks at a spiritual approach to time management.

Anthony Johnson Buys Out Johnson & Vines Law Firm

The name of the company has also changed to Johnson Firm. Andrew Vines, former Managing Partner, has decided to leave the firm to begin a new phase of his career. YEC member Johnson will continue to build on the reputation he has earned in the industry and amongst his peers, including most-recently being named one of the “Best Lawyers” in the United States as designated by U.S. News in 2017 for his work in mass tort and class action litigation. The firm remains committed to providing high-value legal services and access to justice.

Says Johnson, “Andy has been a great friend and trusted colleague. He’s made important contributions to this company that helped shape our firm’s foundation. He has respect across the organization for his achievements and personal integrity. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together, grateful for the privilege of working with him, and confident that he will be successful in his future endeavors.”

A new logo and website has been created and reflects the firm’s new look.The site includes extensive information to help navigate the complexities of mass tort and personal injury litigation.

Mamie Kanfer Stewart to Release First Book in November

Meeteor founder and CEO Mamie Kanfer Stewart will be releasing her first book, “Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging, and Enjoyable Meetings,” in November 2017. Momentum dives into the problems and hidden costs of bad meetings and offers proven strategies and approaches to improving them. The book and bonus resources provide a blueprint for success, including actionable tips you can immediately implement alone or with your team.

These are just a handful of YEC members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here. Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments to our team.