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While some people were off on vacation this summer, YEC members were busy launching new product offerings, work that ranged from planning Kickstarter campaigns to building apps. Below, read about a few of the recent product and services launches from our YEC members.


Malini Bhantia Launched

YEC member Malini Bhatia launched, a service that provides expert advice, resources and information about all things marriage, in August. The founder and CEO of this resource, Malini launched the website with her husband to fill “the online void between numerous dating, wedding, baby, and family websites, creating a community and resource for the foundation of today’s society: healthy, happy marriages in all its diversity.”

Peter Kozodoy Introduced GEM Advertising’s Growth Experience Model

YEC member company GEM Advertising introduced its Growth Experience Model, a three-phase model that focuses on discovery, planning and performance, in August. YEC member Peter Kozodoy, GEM’s chief strategy officer, says this system will help drive marketing results: “Through a systematic process of data mining, insight development and integrated execution, the Growth Experience Model achieves measurable results for midsize to enterprise clients in a diverse set of industries, making it a valuable return on investment for brands with growth potential.” GEM is an international communications and marketing agency with offices in Vancouver, New Haven, Boston and Chicago.


Brian Pontarelli Introduced Inversoft’s New Cloud Solution

YEC member company Inversoft, a software company based in Denver, Colorado, announced new cloud solution offerings this summer. YEC member Brian Pontarelli is the CEO of Inversoft, which creates tools such as CleanSpeak, a profanity filter and moderation tool, and Passport, a user database and management tool. “Our goal is to help companies protect their brand, prevent incidents and connect with their users. We are taking these basic principles one step further by simplifying the delivery of our products. With new cloud offerings, we give you the features and tools you need faster than before,” the company said in a statement.


Dan Carlton Introduced The PARAGRAPH Project’s Discovery Toolkit

YEC member company The PARAGRAPH Project, a brand strategy and market research firm, is in the process of launching the Discovery Toolkit, a work session in a box intended to help marketers start projects more effectively. YEC member Dan Carlton, a founding partner of The PARAGRAPH Project, says the reason for launching the toolkit is because 70 percent of marketing campaigns do not deliver the intended results. “We’ve worked with hundreds of brands over the past 10 years and have found that how well a campaign finishes is largely determined by how well it starts,” he said. “The Discovery Toolkit lets marketers of any background facilitate a workshop that helps their team truly align on what needs to get done – before doing it!” The company launched the toolkit on Kickstarter on Oct. 12.


Jeremy Kenisky’s Company Merge VR Launched the Welcome to Virtual Reality App

YEC member company Merge VR launched Welcome to Virtual Reality, an app designed to introduce newcomers to virtual reality. Merge VR Vice President of Creative Jeremy Kenisky, a YEC member, said the app was designed in partnership with Slice VR. “Welcome to Virtual Reality allows anyone to experience virtual reality in a variety of ways, and really explains the concept in an entertaining and comfortable way. Introducing someone to virtual reality can be difficult,” he said. “For Merge VR, as a maker of VR peripherals and content, we want people to experience VR and to have a great experience, regardless of what platform they first experience it on.”


Piyush Jain Announced SIMpalm’s Creation of a Pregnancy Care App

YEC member company SIMpalm built a pregnancy care app for a client this spring. SIMpalm CEO Piyush Jain explained the app was created for a “client who is a career nurse and midwife. … Our client saw the need to have a pregnancy care app for women where they can enter all the doctor’s visit, test, results, prenatal flowsheet and other data to keep track of their pregnancy.”


Matan Talmi’s Company Launched New Chatbot, Drippler 3.0

YEC member company Drippler launched its new smart tech assistant app, Drippler 3.0, a tech support chatbot, in October. The purpose of this chatbot is to help users resolve technical issues on their smart devices and provides personalized recommendations for useful tips and apps. Drippler CEO Matan Talmi said, “Drippler 3.0 answers a need in the market by providing an alternative to the outdated tech support call center model that many companies still employ, which wastes time and causes unnecessary headache for consumers.”


Vishal Agarwal’s Checkmate Launched New Service, Rich Menu

YEC member company Checkmate, an app that improves the in-dining experience of customers, recently launched Rich Menu. YEC member Vishal Agarwal, Checkmate’s founder and CEO, launched the app this spring and introduced the newest version in September. The first version of the product enabled customers to pay and split their check using their mobile phone without waiting for the servers; Rich Menu showcases the entire restaurant’s menu with professionally taken photographs and videos.

These are just a handful of YEC members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here. Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments to our team.

All photos in header image courtesy of individual members. Top row, from left: Malini Bhatia, Peter Kozody, Brian Pontarelli, Dan Carlton. Bottom row, from left: Vishal Agarwal, Matan Talmi, Piyush Jain, Jeremy Kenisky.