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On September 21, YEC members gathered in Chicago for a unique dining experience that encouraged sharing and collaboration. Powered by Prudential, the event was held at The Social Table, a culinary hotspot hosting hands-on, dinner-party cooking classes.

The Social Table Chef explains the cooking experience agenda | Photo Credit: Pretty Instant

The members became the chefs for this interactive founders dinner. The first course that attendees tackled together was roasted asparagus and crispy jamon with sherry vinaigrette. The next course included classic pimentón potatoes with allioli. For the main course, members put their skills to the test by cooking paella mixta with chicken, chorizo and mussels. Rounding out the meal on a sweet note, they baked “Torta de Santiago” almond cake topped with vanilla ice cream.

Members enjoyed wine as they assisted one another in the kitchen | Photo Credit: Pretty Instant

The Spanish-style meal was a big hit, but the real win of the night was the experiential element that the collaborative cooking event brought to the table. As members bonded over the stove, they also shared and connected with one another.

The home run of the preparation, dessert | Photo Credit: Pretty Instant

Prudential led the dinner with the goal of financial health as the focus. They were proud to support YEC by recognizing member achievements, fueling ambitions and offering valuable financial solutions. Many natural-born entrepreneurs are self-sufficient drivers of innovation and new business growth, but even the best and brightest often need guidance with their financial futures.

Prudential Communications Manager, Phaon Spurlock thanks and greets the group | Photo Credit: Pretty Instant

Members in attendance included Ryan Francis of LaunchPad Lab, Andy Camp of Tethys Supply and Marketing, LLC, Michael McGee of CodeNow, Andrew Kucheriavy of Intechnic, Artem Ishchenko of Chess Wizards Inc and Apollo After School Inc, Steven Lee of Opternative, and Kevin Tao of NeuEve.

Photography for the event was provided by Pretty Instant. YEC members can see the full collection of photos from the event, here. You can also learn more about upcoming events in your city at