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By July 2, 2018Whiplash Injury
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Whiplash refers to the type of neck injuries sustained when the neck and the head are caused to move suddenly, especially during an accident. Such sudden movements can cause the head to move side ward, backwards, or front ways at speed, which in turn causes injury to the muscles surrounding the neck. With severe and sudden movements of the head, the surrounding ligaments and tendons can be damaged.

A common assumption about whiplash injuries is that they are mild. On the contrary, it’s only some of the people who get a whiplash injury that will be mildly affected by the symptoms, which start easing off after a month or so. Most whiplash injuries occur during a road traffic accident – ones where the vehicle stops suddenly (or is hit) in the event. The vigorous movement makes the head move violently, and can cause a serious whiplash injury.

Whiplash injuries can vary greatly in terms of the pain and suffering they cause, and can last for varying lengths of time. In case you’re asked to determine how much the compensation should most likely be awarded for a whiplash claim, it’s quite difficult to tell, especially at the beginning of the claim, particularly due to these variations.

Certain types of whiplash and their prognosis do fit in a number of categories, but the special damages such as the personal circumstances of the victim, loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses, etc. that can only be calculated on an individual basis. Since some injuries can last for only a few weeks while the more serious ones last for months, or even years, and cause a lot of pain and suffering to the victim, whiplash injuries can have a dramatic effect on the social and work life of the victim.

Can I Make a Claim For Whiplash Injuries?

If you were involved in a road accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to a claim for whiplash, whether you were the passenger, driver, a cyclist, a pedestrian, or a passenger in a taxi or on a bus.

We believe that any victim of a road traffic accident should be rightfully compensated if they were injured in an act that wasn’t their own; not just because they were injured or that their life will be greatly disrupted due to the negligence of another party.

Our law firm is made up of well-established solicitors with decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with personal injury claims, especially road traffic accident claims that involve cases of whiplash.

The team is always ready to help you with any queries or questions you may have regarding your case. In fact, we offer each of our potential clients a free consultation when they come to us, so that we can evaluate their claim professionally and advise them on the best way to move forward. Of course, you will not be obliged to use our law firm at no time after the consultation. We only provide this service to help our potential clients get a professional assessment of their case before they enter into any legal litigation.

The compensation awarded is heavily based on the severity of the whiplash injury, how long it lasts until you recover fully, and how much it has disrupted your daily life. A precise amount of compensation to be claimed for during a whiplash injury claim can only be determined when the case is examined professionally; when the victim is examined by a medical expert, and all of the medical expenses, damages, and fees have been calculated.

Our firm deals with all whiplash injury claim cases on a No-Win-No-Fee basis. This means that there’s usually no cases where our clients face a financial risk when filing the claim. Our goal is to leave you comfortable so that you can recuperate without having to worry about the case.

What Can I Claim For In A Whiplash Compensation Claim?

When determining how much you can claim for in terms of compensation for whiplash, there are two areas that carry the most weight: general damages and special damages. The damages are ideally split into two separate areas, since they cover different parts of the claim.

The general damages essentially cover for the pain and suffering that the victim has suffered due to the whiplash injuries. Definitely, the more the whiplash is severe the more the compensation that’s likely to be awarded, since it often means more pain and suffering for a longer time.

Compensation awarded for pain and suffering is quite difficult to determine, since everybody will experience the pain differently, and there’s no standard of measuring or comparing the pain and suffering one person is experience to another. That’s why medical experts are necessary in these cases, so that they can professionally evaluate the damage caused to the victim physically, so that this can be translated into funds.

One the other hand, special damages cover the personal circumstances that are connected with the finances of the victim. The aim of this is to reimburse any victim that has been financially affected due to the whiplash injury. Some of the special damages that are covered by the whiplash claims include the following:

  • Prescription costs
  • Medical expenses
  • House adaptations
  • Loss of earnings
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Any damage or loss of personal items

Since they encompass any personal damages that the victim of the whiplash injury might have incurred, the list is not exclusive, and it includes things like financial losses. Nonetheless, when it comes to whiplash injuries, the amount of compensation a given whiplash injury will warrant is governed by some clear guidelines.

The Judiciary Study Board has some laid out brackets in which various levels of severity of whiplash injuries will fit into, making it much easier for the personal injury solicitors to provide accurate estimates in the early stages of any given case. But truthfully speaking, with whiplash compensation payouts, the law is quite rigid, and the solicitors will generally have a clear idea of how much is likely going to be awarded rather quickly.

Here is a calculator for whiplash injury compensation to give you a rough idea of which bracket your whiplash injury will likely fit into. The figures used below are rough estimates, and should only be used as a guideline. Don’t take them as fact that your claim’s compensation amount will be the same. The numbers were extracted from past cases with some special damages included in them.

The following calculator can be used to help you estimate the rough figure of compensation you are probably going to be awarded.

Keep in mind that claiming for whiplash injury compensation is not availed so that an individual can make a financial gain; it’s specifically there to put the victim back to their original position both health wise and financially, right before the accident took place.

Whiplash Claims Calculator

All the figures used below are estimates and are only used to serve as a guide. Plus, each individual and their case will be different. The examples are for illustration purposes only, and may differ from the compensation case.

If you want a more accurate evaluation of your claim, contact us on [phone number] or use the Call Back form below so that we can call you at a better time. Most of our calls take about 5 to 10 minutes, are free of charge, and we promise not to exert any pressure on you to make a claim through us.

What Is The Average Whiplash Claim Amount?

Since the individual injuries and circumstances vary from mild to severe, the payout for all personal injuries vary greatly. There’s also no average payout for a personal injury cases, since people incur injuries differently, and the pain or suffering they experience are unique to the person.

In road accidents, whiplash injuries are some of the most common types of injuries incurred, and in reality, they are perhaps the easiest to get compensation estimates for. This is because the law has strict guidelines that stipulate the amount of compensation to be awarded based on the severity of the whiplash injuries.

The whiplash injury claims payout ranges from £2,500 to about £3,000 on average, though the amount can be increased based on the medical prognosis and the pain and suffering incurred. The compensation amount awarded can be raised significantly in case the whiplash injuries are accompanied by other kinds of injuries.

How to Start a Whiplash Claim
Before you begin the process of filing a personal injury compensation claim, including compensation for whiplash injuries, it’s strongly recommended that you consult a solicitor who specializes in the area under which your claim falls.

Personal injury cases can become complicated, and may involve the use of lots of legal jargon, which is often difficult to understand for most people. Whiplash claim cases that may seem straightforward on first look might be entangled in different liability issues, which are almost impossible to identify to the untrained eye.

It’s therefore critical to hire a personal injury attorney that can represent them in a court of law. Whiplash injury attorneys have the much needed knowledge and experience to deal with your case, determine any multi-faceted and complex issues, and make sure that your claim get the maximum compensation amount possible.

The simplest way to start your compensation claim is contacting a law firm that can handle personal injury claims, with a good reputation in the industry. They should take you through a Q&A session, in an effort to learn exactly what happened during the accident, to get the details of the person you think might be responsible for your injury, as well as to collect any relevant information that might be useful to the case. The case handler will handle much of the work, allowing you to recuperate with lesser stress, and get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Our No-Win-No-Fee Whiplash Injury Claims Policy

Our amazing team of solicitors have a remarkable success rate in tackling whiplash claims. This is what allows us to provide our clients with no-win no-fee terms on 99% of our cases. That’s primarily because we take pride in our skill in whiplash compensation claims, and we can provide almost all of our clients with custom conditional fee agreement.

This means that when you let us handle your claim, there’s no time now and in the future where you will be at financial risk. Plus, you won’t have to pay us anything in case your claim fails to earn any compensation.

Our No-Win-No-Fee agreement is exactly what it sounds: as long as you have been truthful with us regarding your whiplash injury claim, if your case doesn’t succeed, you won’t have to pay anything to either side of the legal teams involved. Nonetheless, since the law was changed in April 2013, law firms can take as much as 25% of the total amount of compensation awarded if the case does succeed, to cover their overall costs.

Why Choose Us?
Aside from our remarkable reputation in the industry for our ability to handle personal injury cases, and being the law firm that cares about its clients, we offer a unique service to the industry.

We provide our potential clients a free initial consultation, to offer them confidential legal advice on the compensation claim they intend to pursue, essentially with no obligation to appoint the claim to use at any time.

We’re appreciative of every client we serve, and there’s no time a client is just a number. You can be certain that you will receive personalized service to suit your needs. We know that anyone who want to pursue a whiplash injury claim has probably had to make some difficult decisions, and we make it our goal to help you any way we can to ease any anxiety and pressure you might have.