Tetraplegia And Paraplegia Claims

By July 19, 2018Serious Injury
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Paraplegia and tetraplegia are classified as life-changing condition. When you are faced with one of these conditions, we are able to help, and you are not alone.

If you are currently suffering from paraplegia or tetraplegia, we are here to assist.

When a loved one or yourself is experiencing the effects of paraplegia or tetraplegia we are sorry. We understand that having to adjust to your life after sustaining such serious injuries is usually an extreme challenge for your family and for you.

We also understand that thinking about claiming for compensation may not be the top priority on your list in this moment, but it is usually likely that money concerns and finding a way to afford to live with this condition usually is.

The right compensation could help make the difference in helping to assist in improving the situation which allows for peace-of-mind when it comes to concerns about money and costs that are involved with the future years you have to face.

It is also very likely that you have been forced to leave your current job altogether or you are forced to take many weeks or months off work. You might also need money to pay for various alterations that may be needed around your home, or for medical care and treatment.

Obtaining compensation can assist you in covering the required costs along with more, which can help you to focus on achieving the independence you need, without the concerns about having to worry about money.

You can contact one of our compassionate advisors on 0808 164 9153 free of charge. You are under no obligations to pursue a claim. We are here to give you confidential advice and to listen to you.

Your Tetraplegia And Paraplegia Compensation

We are fully aware that tetraplegia and paraplegia will more than likely impact your life in a serious way, currently as well as into your future. In addition to the emotional trauma to you as well as your family, you are probably also facing a lot more additional problems that are health and financially related.

You should not have to be worried about issues relating to money when facing such a traumatic time. This is the reason why compensation may assist you in covering the following:

  • Losing your earnings due to having to leave your job or from the time you have been forced to take off from your job
  • Losses related to future earnings
  • Costs involved in making adaptations for your vehicle and home
  • Loss of your spare-time activities or hobbies currently as well as in future years
  • The costs involved with rehabilitation and medical treatment
  • Travel expenses associated with yourself as well as your family members
  • Care that is provided even when it is for free from a family member or friend
  • Costs for support needed or counselling to assist you as well as your family to adjust

If you need additional information or you would like to know if you have the right to claim, contact our legally trained and friendly advisors on 0808 164 9153 for confidential and free advice.

These advisors are always ready to listen to all you need to say, and they will give you accurate advice on if you are able to make your claim. We also are aware that having to talk about the accident that has caused your injuries may be painful and uncomfortable, yet we can assure that we will only ask you the questions that are needed to obtain information that we require to assist you.

You are under no obligations when it comes to claiming when you contact us. In addition, all your details are kept confidential, which means you never have to worry about feeling harassed or pressured to make your claim.

Mid-Claim And Interim Payments

We are fully aware that costs involved in tetraplegia and paraplegia can accumulate fast directly after your accident caused from your needs increasing suddenly.

In certain cases, your case might offer you with the opportunity to receive a mid-claim or interim payment that will cover immediate costs associated with your injuries. This is a payment or payments that will be paid by the responsible party for your injuries, which you will be paid out before the remainder of the compensation.

Your lawyer will work through these processes, which means you won’t need to stress about trying to work out or negotiate your current finances when you might still be hospitalised or trying your best to recover.

The interim payments may cover obligations such as daily-living costs, that include mortgage payments, food costs, travel costs or things that you are going to need in the future, like mobility equipment or home adaptations.

The Steps Involved In Making A Tetraplegia Or Paraplegia Claim

The way to initiate your paraplegia or tetraplegia claim will be to call us. This is possible through requesting your call-back when you complete the online form, or calling us directly on 0808 164 9153, which is free of charge.

We have a team of advisors that will first listen and then give you the best advice on how to start your claim. This will mean you are assured of obtaining the advice that is suited to your unique experience. Our company will also never push you or pressurise you into making your claim.

We know you might be feeling unsure about contacting us. We are also aware that it is not easy when it comes to talking about an accident that is so traumatic along with the injuries that have affected your life.

Our advisors are trained to make you feel comfortable and at ease when you call us. We will also only retrieve the information that we need to assess whether you are eligible to make your claim.

When you make the decision to proceed with the claim and you provide us with permission, we will choose a specialist attorney that matches up to your case. We can usually put you in contact with your solicitor with your first call.

From here, your chosen solicitor will get to work on ensuring you get the right compensation that you deserve.

Information On Claiming On The Behalf Of A Loved One

Watching some one that you love have to go through the experiences from such a serious condition or injury like tetraplegia or paraplegia can be very difficult to handle or cope with. This is especially true when the injuries continue to impact their current and future life. We understand that it must be very hard to watch a love one in pain and how they have to adjust.
It is important to consider that their injuries have also impacted you in a significant way.

You might be the person that has been put into a situation that you need to provide care for your partner, child or loved one. This usually involves taking a lot of time off work, leaving your job or having to pay the costs involved for treatment an equipment required to match up to these increased needs.

Our company also known that the severity of such injuries, may mean that this person will not be able to make their own claim, or might not be in the position to chat to us.

Here at National Accident Helpline, we strive to assist you in making claims for your loved one or friend, so you are able to obtain compensation that they will need to obtain the independence they need.

What Is Paraplegia And Tetraplegia?

Tetraplegia that is also called quadriplegia involves paralysis in the area of the arms along with the legs. This is a condition that usually results from damage caused in the upper part of your spinal cord. This means that signals that come from your brain to your body is severely restricted.

Tetraplegia may also affect your chest and abdominal muscles that may cause breathing difficulties.

Paraplegia is a condition typically caused from damaged to the lower part of your spinal cord. This usually results in leg movement that is either lost or impaired. When compared to tetraplegics, the paraplegics are still able to move their hands and arms.

Paraplegia may vary when it comes to either a slight leg movement loss onto full leg paralysis, that can travel all the way up to your chest.

However, either of these conditions are usually life-changing and will usually mean you become dependent on people around you.

The Causes Of Paraplegia And Tetraplegia

Both conditions are the result of a spinal cord injury. Yet tetraplegia is associated more specifically with a neck injury where the bone breaks in the cervical area of your spine, which results in damages to your spinal cord.
There are various accident types that result in paraplegia or tetraplegia. Any severe or sudden impacts to your neck or spine can result in spinal injuries. Here are few of the more common causes of paraplegia and tetraplegia:

If you have experienced something that was not listed above, you shouldn’t be worried. In general, if the injury occurred within the last 3 years, and was someone else’s fault we are here to assist you.

When you are prepared to talk about experience, you can contact us to speak to our legally trained and compassionate advisors on 0808 164 9153 for confidential and free advice, and to find out if you are able to progress with a claim.

Medical Negligence

The injuries resulting from medical negligence might be rare, yet when they do occur repercussions are usually devastating.

If you are left with tetraplegia or paraplegia from the mistake of a doctor, poor advice or inaction, we are here to assist you in making your medical negligence claim.