Spinal Injuries And Compensation Claims

By July 4, 2018Upper Body Injury
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TheYEC has a team of personal injury solicitors that deal with spinal injury compensation claims through a No Win No Fee basis.

Our service provides a free consultation for individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury that was due to an accident that was not their own fault.

Call TheYEC for free expert legal advice on 0808 164 9153 or online.

TheYEC expert team of solicitors will provide immediate legal representation as well as medical treatments and rehabilitation to individuals within England, Scotland and Wales.

It is essential for individuals dealing with a spinal injury to dad rehabilitation as quickly as possible as to not have to rely on family members and local authorities for care.

In addition, it is important for the victim to get the compensation that they need. The amounts of financial compensation for a spinal injury are going to vary greatly from case to case. However, it is possible to claim compensation for lost earnings, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, equipment and pain and suffering.

Claiming Compensation For Spinal Injuries

The first step in being able to claim compensation is to contact us and explain how the spinal injury happened. We need to understand whether it happened in an automobile accident or a work-related accident. One of our expert personal injury solicitors that specializes in spinal injury compensation will read over your case on a No Win No Fee basis and explain to you how successful the claim is expected to be.

Understanding Interim Payments

With a spinal injury claim, we have the ability to arrange for interim compensation payments that can be paid before a final settlement agreement is reached. However, it is essential to understand that interim payments will only be applied once the other side has admitted fault.

Our team of personal injury solicitors have helped thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom area receive tens of millions of pounds in compensation. There are several short video testimonials as well as stories from others who have been helped through the efforts of TheYEC available here.

Call TheYEC on 0808 164 9153 or contact them online to begin a claim today.