Sight Loss Claims

By July 19, 2018Serious Injury
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Loss of sight claims

If you have sustained loss of sight due to an accident where you were not at fault, please call us for assistance.

Whether you are the individual who suffered loss of sight, or someone who is reading this for them, we can help you gain a better understanding of what your legal position is today and whether or not you are entitled to any financial compensation.

We understand that no one expects to become blinded due to an accident where they are not at fault and losing your sight can be a terrible shock, whether completely, temporarily, or partially, and potentially life-changing and devastating.

Although we cannot completely understand that terrible sense of loss you might be feeling right now, we can assist you to get the apology as well as the financial support that you need to pay for the challenges that you may be faced with.

Please call us today if you are ready to discuss your experience, or a loved one’s experience. Contact us for free on 0808 164 9153. We never try to pressure you into making a claim and your calls are always confidential.

Are you reading this for someone else? If so, we can help you!

Sight loss causes

Although we have listed examples below of the types of accidents that may cause sight loss, there isn’t any ‘typical’ negligent act or accident that may cause sight loss. So we can most likely still assist you even if you have suffered a type of accident that is not listed below.

Being exposed to bright lights and accidents at work

Unfortunately, there are some working environments that may be especially harmful for your eyes. Quite often your safety is in the hands of those who work around you and your employer, and it is very important that you are provided with the proper safety equipment.

Your employer is legally required to to keep you as safe as they possibly can at work – and that includes providing you with the proper safety equipment that protect your eyes against strong lights like lasers or welding torches, and from hazards that may get into your eyes, like small materials or mechanical springs.

Medical mistake

If medical negligence caused your eye injury, we know this will make a significant impact on your life, which can leave you to distrust medical professionals and have to be dependent on others. Please know you are not alone, and we can assist you, whether it was a surgical error, misdiagnosis, or something else.

Deteriorating vision

Over time, your vision may have continued to get worse. You might be able to make a claim if it was due to an accident that occurred earlier in your life or because of working conditions.

We recommend you call us on 0808 164 9153 so that we can discuss your experience with you and let you know what we can do to assist you.

Why make a compensation claim?

We understand that is a traumatic event to suffer a loss of vision or eye injury.

Losing your sight can definitely affect your finances and independence, and even the most resilient among us would feel affected and changed by the new situation we were faced with.

When you make a compensation claim it can provide you with support that you need for your future as well as help to support people around you, who you might be more dependent on now for care and help.

In cases of sight loss that are more permanent, you compensation can help you towards adapting your home so that it is more accessible for you, and also can assist you with paying your expenses and household bills if you are unable to work. Compensation can also help to pay those who have been caring for you at a time when you were at your most vulnerable and dependent.

Although we realize that no amount of money will be able to take away what you have suffered through, when you make a claim for compensation it truly can make a significant difference in your life and also help you make the necessary adjustments to the impacts that your injury has made on your life.