Selling a Franchise With Solomon Choi

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In this video clip, Solomon Choi, founder and CEO of frozen yoghurt and dessert brand 16 Handles, outlines the process of selling a franchise. He explains how his own business has focused on franchise development and where to start on your sales leads. It’s important to remember that it takes time.

The process of getting all the documents signed and then of course finding your first location takes time.”

More about our expert: Creative entrepreneur Solomon Choi is a seasoned food service industry leader, raised on the philosophy that “passion brands” are built by engaging with consumers in ways that enrich their daily lives, and the founder and CEO of 16 Handles™. Through smart marketing that merged grassroots, social and strong PR efforts, Solomon pioneered the concept into what is now 37 operating locations across the East Coast with 13 additional stores in development.

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