Have you ever borrowed a friend’s pickup before? Everyone has experienced the need to move something on short notice and has taken advantage of a local guy with a pickup. PICKUP has transferred this to a guilt-free experience managed by your smart phone. You can access that helpful good guy with a pickup with an app on your mobile device or on the web. When you’re buying, selling, moving, cleaning… whatever – your local good guy is right there at your fingertips.

You live a busy life, and whether your “stuff” is new or old, small or large, heavy or light, it’s got to be where you need it to be when you need it to be there. Our good guys are the best guys around. We call on firefighters, military personnel, veterans and other good guy heroes who are off their regular duty. They are the natural problem solvers we all know and love. (And your goods are insured up to $20,000).

PICKUP frees you to be spontaneous. You’re not limited by what fits into your car or subject to someone else’s delivery schedule. You can pull off the “hard stuff” easily right now.

Industry :

Private Delivery / Retail Logistics

What :

Instant Delivery by Good Guys.  Delivery when you want it.  No wait, no worry.