Onboarding New Team Members With Jacob Tanner

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In this video clip, Jacob Tanner, co-founder of Digital Hyve, shares how his company onboards new team members and helps them fit into their culture as quickly as possible. In their first week, new hires sit with every person in the company for 30 minutes to an hour to learn what everyone does. On top of that, they are assigned a buddy to show them the ropes and take them to lunch. This gives new members a well-rounded understanding of the company.

We want everyone to have a well-rounded understanding of exactly how our company works.”

More about our expert: Nationally respected for his marketing tech savvy, Jake has taught SEO and other cutting-edge strategies to thousands of people across the world. A former professional video gamer, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s trending in digital marketing. Unlike most next-level thinkers, Jake has a strong commitment to teaching and sharing what he knows and helping others develop their skills. He is the co-founder of Digital Hyve, a full-service digital marketing agency. He focuses on the execution of client advertising and marketing online.

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