Obtaining Product Reviews on Amazon With Amit Jesani

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In this video clip, Amit Jesani, president of Tend Skin Store, discusses strategies for getting reviews for your products on Amazon. While you can’t offer discounted or free products to get reviews, advertise your product at the cheapest possible price and then send helpful follow-up emails asking buyers to review. You can also ask family and friends to buy your product and leave reviews. Finally, Amazon offers programs that are available through your seller account to get your first five reviews or blind reviews.

People do buy products when the price is low, so that would be the best way to get people to purchase and then get the product review.”

More about our expert: Amit Jesani is an innovative technologist. Over the last fifteen years, he has been instrumental in the development of leading-edge database technologies, CRM and social media strategies. Amit has founded, invested in and advised a diverse set of companies in sectors ranging from beauty/fashion to IT solutions. He has built back-to-back, 7-figure companies in the past three years, including Tend Skin Store, Bollywood Skin Care, Shama’s Collection & Saathiva Creations. His Ocean’s Eleven team is the master of creating strategies for accelerated growth on Amazon.com, Google, Big Box Retail & Online Ecommerce Advertising. In his free time, Amit enjoys the beach and the sport of cricket.

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