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In this video clip, Brad Weimert, founder of Easy Pay Direct, outlines the best questions to ask when meeting someone at a networking event or conference. Show that you’re interested in the person and in forming a relationship with them by asking “how do you spend your time?” or “what gets you excited?” Follow up by asking about their day to day.

‘How do you spend your time?’ is really open and it allows people to make their own decision about how they want to answer it.”

More about our expert: Brad Weimert is the founder of Easy Pay Direct, one of the foremost “high risk” merchant account providers in the world. Equal parts entrepreneur and adventurer, Brad is just as likely to be found climbing a mountain as building a company or speaking to entrepreneurs. Follow his exploits at or set up a consultation with Easy Pay Direct.

Three times a year, Brad leads “8 Figure Adventure Trips“: high impact experiences for high performing entrepreneurs.

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