Measuring Content Results With Ritika Puri

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In this video clip, Ritika Puri, co-founder of Storyhackers, explains why analyzing metrics isn’t the only way to measure content results. While we have so many analytics tools and metrics at our disposal, there are other factors to consider that indicate the quality of the content. For example, time on site can be a deceiving metric in terms of engagement because it could mean that a piece of content takes too much time to digest.

It’s always important to have a qualitative dimension and a more human-centric approach.”

More about our expert: Ritika Puri is an entrepreneur and, along with her husband Justin Strauss, co-founder of Storyhackers, a company that helps business create impactful, inspiring and data-driven content programs. She enjoys writing about data, teaching others things that she’s learning and helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

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