Leveraging ‘Old School’ Media With Ryan Payne

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In this video clip, Ryan Payne, president of Payne Capital Management (PCM), outlines his company’s success with the old-school media tactic of advertising on the radio. While this isn’t cheap, it’s been a huge cold-marketing success for his firm and has provided great return on investment. Looking off the beaten path when it comes to your marketing efforts can win you more prospective customer attention because the medium isn’t so oversaturated.

“It’s become a real competitive advantage because there’s just not that many people doing it.”

More about our expert: Ryan Payne is the president of Payne Capital Management (PCM). In this role, he co-designs the firm’s investment and financial planning strategies while supervising all the financial advisors to ensure PCM’s distinctive ideas and philosophies are properly implemented. Ryan also directs PCM’s educational initiatives to inform the public about goal-based financial planning and investing.

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