Leg Injury Claims

By July 10, 2018Lower Body Injury
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If you have a leg injury, then you will want to know that we can help make it right.

You will find that recovering from a leg injury can take a long time and often means you are dependent on others for help.

Not only that, you have probably had to take a lot of time off work while you heal. You may even get less pay if you get paid at all and this makes it nearly impossible to support your family.

You do not need to be worried about the money as such a hard time. If this is your case, then we can help you get it made right.

We have a team that has over 20 years of experience in helping to settle personal injury claims. We know just how much of a difference even a small amount of compensation can make. You could find that the money can go towards treatment, care, or anything else that you need to have to allow you to recover.

You will want to make sure you check out our legally trained advisors for free and impartial advice at 0808 164 9153. We are going to give you the support and help you need, when the accident was not your fault, but we also will not pressure you into making a claim.

Tips For Begining Your Leg Injury Claim

The first step to starting your claim will be to call us for free at 0808 164 9153. If you want to have us call you back, you can fill in our secure form online.

When you are on the call we will give you impartial advice on the compensation and then help you decide if you should make a claim or not. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and take you through the first steps.

You will not have any obligation to claim when you are speaking with us. We are going to offer you simple advice and you can decide on your own on how you will want to pursue the claim.

If you do decide to go on with your case we will take you to the next steps to help out with our specialized solicitors.

We are going to look at all aspects of your leg injury.

You will find that in some cases these can be very serious. What is even worse is if someone close to you has been impacted by your leg injury as well.

You may not even know what you can take into consideration with your claim, but your solicitor will help you out. In general, they will take the following into account:

  • How long you have been under medical care and if the treatment is still going on.
  • The time you and others have had to take off work to help you.
  • The care that you have been given, even if it was by a family member.
  • Your hobbies and what else you like that has been impacted.

If you are not sure or would want to get more questions answered give us a call today on 0808 164 9153. We are going to listen to what happened and ask some questions so we know what completely happened.

You can even use our compensation calculator which will let you have an idea on how much your leg injury is worth.

Forms Of Leg Injuries

You will find that you have a lot of different types of leg injuries. One thing that they all have in common is they are going to prevent you from leading your normal life.

Here are some of the common types of problems we have helped people may a claim for.
Strains or Sprains

A sprain is often seen as when all of the ligaments that are attaching the bones together are torn or stretched out. These are going to usually happen around the ankle, but can happen in the knee as well.

A strain is when the muscle or tendon is torn or stretched out. These happen oftentimes in the hamstring muscle group.

These are both very painful and can leave you without the ability to walk properly for close to 6 weeks after you were hurt. You will find that some of these injuries will take you months to get healed up.

Fractured Bones

A broken bone in the leg can be very painful at times. It can definitely stop you from being able to go to work or drive. You will typically need to have a cast and crutches for your leg to heal.

It can take almost six months on average to completely heal, but in some cases even longer.

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This is one thing that is painful and we are truly sorry if you have under went this surgery before. This is one life changing event that will be difficult to adjust to.

You may have to change your home, travel, and even what you do each day. This is going to cost a lot and you will have to pay for the adjustments to be made. You may have even had to take a long time off from your job if you still have the job.

The compensation you get here will help you pay for the equipment and get your life back in line.
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Cause of Injuries To The Leg

If your injury happened in the last 3 years you will find that we are going to be able to help you out, if you are not at fault.

Here are some of the examples of what can cause a leg injury. You can click on any of them to read even more about the accident type:

  • Falls or trips
  • Work related accidents
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Negligence by the medical staff

If you are not ready to talk to us, you can check out the online claims checker and it will help you know if you have a claim based on the answers to some simple questions.