Innovative early adopter and strategic marketer focused on consumer engagement and conversions.

An 20-year digital marketing specialist with a proven track record implementing multi-channel digital marketing campaigns that drive new opportunities, audience engagement and ROI.

Responsible for Strategy and Growth across the Internet leveraging Digital (paid/organic/earned), Big Data, Content, Analytics, and Emerging Opportunities.

Concept-to-completion knowledge of ideation, strategy, development, distribution and measurement. Implementation and management skill sets include P&L, Ops, Strategy, Search, Social, Display, Big Data, Database/eMail/CRM marketing, Content Marketing, Retargeting (Search/Site/Social/CRM), Digital Promotions, Gamification, and Mobile to drive engagement and revenue from all screens. Executes data-driven decisions in an ever-changing, technological environment.

Jay Lohmann Interview in Entrepreneur Magazine


Digital Marketing Highlights


The Cola-Cola Company­­­ and Southwest Airlines

Developed one of the first interactive “Selfie” social marketing campaigns using a facebook Fan Page supported by interactive banner ads that ran across the Internet and facebook. Target audience uploaded photos showing how they “Live Life Full Throttle” for a chance to win Southwest Airlines tickets and a case of Full Throttle Fury. The highly engaging banners far exceeded CTR and engagement expectations. The result was a successful product launch and was one of the most popular pages on facebook for over five months.

Nestle Purina­­ PetCare

Oversaw the ideation of the company’s first facebook promotional page and developed promotional strategies that increased audience engagement with over 100,000 “Likes” and countless pet picture posts from proud pet owners.


Led a team of researchers, strategists, and designers in the business plan development, product development and strategic implementation of the first location-based advertising network. Through “Proximity Marketing”, national advertisers bought ad impressions that popped-up on the GPS units when the vehicle came within a 1 mile radius of an advertiser’s store (Starbucks, 7-11, McDonald’s, etc). The product demanded huge database integration and ad serving capabilities. The GPS units leveraged mobile technology and triangulation to serve geo-fenced digital ads on the digital displays of the Hertz “NeverLost” Rental Car GPS navigational systems.

Developed the strategy, concept and content of what proved to be a highly engaging and effective interactive digital banner ad campaign that ran on the home page of The creative banners set new records at Yahoo! with an 8% CTR on home page placement and exceeded video video rental projections and ROI expectations.


Nestle Purina­­ PetCare Company and Yahoo!

Implementation and management of the concept, design and development for the Purina Pet Weather Widget which integrated a database into a next generation desktop widget that delivered over 200 content feeds. Yahoo! users gave it “4-out-of-4” stars and downloaded it nearly 45,000 times to their desktops. Daily feeds (200 variations dependent on weather and pet type) resulted in constant brand exposure and loyalty.

PepsiCo, Sierra Mist Brand/Survivor

Concept and content development for a cross-brand Internet promotion with the hit TV show “Survivor” and Sierra Mist beverage. The concept eventually became one of the first “Gamification Marketing” initiatives on the Internet. The effort significantly increased fan engagement with over 250,000 entries as well as increased in-store sales of Sierra Mist by 3%. Viewers of the 2nd season of Survivor played an Interactive game through a dedicated website for a chance to spend the day with Survivor contestants.


Independently developed the information hierarchy, navigational flow, content development, SEO, custom meta-data, custom URLs and internal link strategy for The result was a final website with over 1100 pages of optimized content that significantly increased web traffic, time-on-page, time-on-site, increased Air Force recruitment efforts, and raised attendance at Thunderbirds Air Shows.

Skills & Specialties

Operational Management
  • Venture Funding
  • Start-up Acceleration
  • Business Modeling
  • Business Plan Development
  • Contract and Deal negotiation
  • Financial control & P&L Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Budget dev.
  • Digital Channel Partner dev.
  • Team Development and Mentoring
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
Research, Planning and Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Strategic & Tactical planning
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Plans
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Application UX & UI
  • Audience Development
  • Emerging Markets
  • Emerging Channels
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Product development
Tactical Implementation and Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Display Media Buying
  • Search/Site/Social/CRM Retargeting
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Content Development
  • Digital Content Marketing
  • Digital Promotions
  • Digital Public Relations
  • eMail Marketing
  • CRM Marketing
  • PPC / Adwords Marketing
  • eCommerce Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Gamification
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Influencer Outreach