Internal Injury Claims

By July 19, 2018Serious Injury
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If you are suffering from internal injuries, you are definitely not alone. We are here to help you.

We will assist you following an internal injury

Quite often internal injuries are very serious and might be life threatening in some cases. If you are suffering from this kind of injury, we are very sorry. We understand how frightening and traumatic that can be, and that recovering can take a very long time.

You might have been in the hospital for a long period of time or have undergone surgery due to your injury, and that can be very isolating and lonely. We know it may feel like you will ever be able to get things back to normal at times.

In addition to being emotionally and physically painful for your family as well a yourself, your injury probably also has stressful financial consequences as well.

The cost of needing to take time off from work to cover, in additional to other expenses like medical treatment or medication, can seriously impact your finances. You might even be struggling to pay your mortgage or other bills that you have.

We understand that at this time your main focus is on recovering. Compensation can never take away your injuries, but what it can do is help with covering the costs of your injuries, in addition to all of the pain and suffering that you and members of your family have suffered through.

We are here to help guide you through the entire process of making your claim, and keep things as stress free and simple as possible through helping you find a specialist solicitor well-suited for your specific case.

To find out whether or not you have a claim, call our legally trained and friendly advisors on 0808 164 9153. We are here to provide you with confidential and free advice without any obligations or pressure.

Your compensation

We understand that when you are suffering due to internal damage that it can be a very scary experience. It may also prevent you from being able to perform daily life activities, and that can effect your earnings, jobs, family, and social life.

Your solicitor will take into consideration any costs or impacts that your injury might have on your life when calculating how much compensation is owed to you. The following are some of the types of expenses that compensation can help you pay for:

  • Lost earnings due to needing to take time off from work, now as well as in the future
  • Impact on employment opportunities in the future
  • Any rehabilitation, medication, or medical treatment costs
  • Care, even when freely given by family members and friends
  • Travel expenses
  • Impact on your hobbies and social life
  • Your personal pain and suffering, as well as the effects it has on your entire family

Although we will be unable to tell you the exact amount of compensation that you might be owed, we have a compensation calculator that is available that can provide you with an estimated amount that is based on similar cases to yours.

Call us on 0808 164 9153 if you would like helpful, free advice on compensation.

Get your internal injury claim started

To get your claim started, call us on 0808 164 9153 to speak with one of our legally trained advisors. Or you can fill in our easy form if you would prefer that we call you back, and we will be in contact you, usually within 30 minutes during regular business hours.

We understand that you might not feel comfortable discussing your injury and accident, but you can rest assured that our advisors do everything that they possibly can to put you at ease while you are on the call with us.

They will ask you questions about the experience you have gone through to obtain a clear picture of what took place and so they will be able to tell you whether or not they believe you are eligible to make your claim.

You will be under no obligation whatsoever to continue with a claim. However, if you do make the decision to go ahead with the process, we will be able to pass your details on to a specialist solicitor of ours. During that same call we can get you in touch with the solicitor.

Your solicitor will provide you with a free legal consultation, and then will be sure that you understand what exactly you can expect before proceeding any further. Then they will work hard to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries through negotiations with the other party and keep you informed of their progress on a regular basis.

Kinds of internal injuries

There are several different kinds of internal injuries, with most of them being dangerous and very painful. Internal damage is usually considered to be a serious type of injury.

There are two main categories of internal injuries:

  • Blunt trauma – This is when a sudden collision or impact causes internal damage
  • Penetrating trauma – When internal damage has been caused by an object puncturing the skin

The following are examples of some of the most common types of internal injuries. However, don’t worry if you don’t find your specific injury listed below. If your accident occurred within the past three years and you were not at fault, then there is a good chance we will be able to help you.

Abdominal aorta aneurysm

This is frequently caused whenever the stomach becomes compressed. It can occur during a road traffic accident where the stomach experiences sudden impact. The compression results in the aorta rupturing. The kind of injury is unfortunately fatal quite often.


This is when the lung is punctured by a broken rib and results in the lung collapsing. It may cause sudden pain and make it hard to breathe. Usually surgery will be required.

Internal bleeding

This occurs when damaged blood vessels are unable to repair themselves. This kind of injury can potentially be quite serious and may cause cardiac arrest if left untreated. Internal bleeding within the brain may lead to brain damage sometimes and have a lifelong impact.

Ruptured spleen

Usually this is caused by an impact to your body’s left side. This kind of internal injury frequently requires surgery for either repairing or removing the spleen, and it may have longer term health impacts at times.

Organ injury

Any impact or collision may damage organs. That can cause failure or internal bleeding of the organ.

Internal injury causes

Usually internal injuries are caused by an accident when a vehicle stops suddenly or there is some type of sudden impact. They may also be caused by an object penetrating the skin deeply and causing internal damage. The following are examples of accidents that might cause internal injuries:

  • Industrial diseases
  • Accidents at work
  • Falls from heigh
  • Road accidents

To find out whether or not you are eligible for making a claim, call us on 0808 164 9153 to speak with one of our friendly advisors for free advice and no obligation for starting a claim.