HAVS Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Claims

By July 4, 2018Work Injury
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If you suffer from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome as a result of negligent conduct from a responsible party, such as an employer, you have the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation. As personal injury specialists, we handle HAVS lawsuits, on a contingency basis.

In addition to providing legal advice at no cost, our expert attorneys will consider the facts of your case and then advise you on what to expect.

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Whether you are interested in securing legal representation, rehabilitation services or medical treatments, our personal injury attorneys will be on hand to fulfil your needs, wherever you are located across Britain.

Steps followed in the HAVS compensation claim process

The first step involves the documentation of the HAVS symptoms you are experiencing

We will then follow this up by estimating the length of your exposure to vibration at work; this is done by capturing your employment details.

To establish whether you have what it takes to make a claim, one of our personal injury attorneys will be tasked with going through the information provided in line with the above steps on a contingency basis.

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Known HAVS symptoms include:

  • Over sensitive hands
  • Numb feeling in the fingers.
  • Painful wrists
  • Experiencing aches and pains in the forearm muscles
  • Holding small things becomes problematic

The longer a person who is suffering from HAVS is exposed to vibrations, the more permanent their symptoms are likely to be; however, these symptoms will diminish if the vibration stops. The absence of an effective HAVS treatment means that those affected will have to live with the symptoms permanently which can hinder them from working or completing simple daily tasks.

The term Vibration White Finger is also used to refer to HAVS; however, the term White Finger usually refers to one of the many symptoms of this condition.

Employers are not liable for the effects of exposure to vibrating equipment prior to the year 1975 as per the provisions of the current Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome laws.

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