Hand Injury Claims

By July 2, 2018Upper Body Injury
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Hand injuries occur on a daily basis and account for over 10% of all the visits To the Accident and Emergency department. Many times these cuts can range from something as mild as a cut or bruise to a more serious contusion, fracture, or laceration and or due to any number of accidents.

If your hand was injured due to an accident or incident that was not your own fault, you may have the right to file a hand injury claim. For your hand injury claim to be successful in a court of law, you’ll need to provide solid evidence that the injury was indeed caused by the third party’s negligence, the amount of damage you will be able to claim depends upon the severity and nature of the hand injury.

Understanding The Types Of Hand Injuries That Can Be Claimed

The following hand injuries may be claimed for compensation under personal injury law:

Hand Sprains, Tears, and Strains

While hand strains, tears and sprains may sound like minor injuries they have the ability to affect the tendons, ligaments and muscles which will hamper your daily ability to grasp objects. These type of injuries have the ability to impede your daily activities and may force you to take time off from work or leave your job on a permanent basis.

Fractured Or Crushed Hand Bones

The hand is a unique structure that is composed of bones of many different sizes. When just one of these single bones is fractured or crushed it can create a serious issue for the individual. While the pain is going to be difficult enough to bear, it becomes next to impossible to carry out everyday tasks at home or work until the hand is completely healed. In some cases, an individual may have to hire somebody to help at home or take an extensive leave of absence from work.

Injured Hand Nerve Fibers

We have a sense of touch due to the incredible network of nerve endings that are found within the fingertips. When these nerve endings are damaged the sense of touch is reduced, which makes it difficult to perform many of the simple tasks we do with our hands. This can even result in serious burns due to the inability to feel cold or heat.

Hand injuries damage a person’s quality of life, however, they also can result in large financial losses due to limited income and medical expenses.

How Much Compensation Can Be Claimed For a Hand Injury?

In truth, there is no exact amount that can be claimed for compensation due to a hand injury. The court will award compensation for hand injury do to the nature and severity of the injuries you sustained and the extent of your financial loss. We are able to provide you with the average hand injury compensation amounts that are awarded by the court system to give you a better idea of what compensation you may expect.

The ability to support a hand injury claim, one must submit a medical report issued by a medical expert containing details about the injury, treatment, and if long-term or permanent damage is visible. We will arrange this medical visit for you at no additional cost. We can also arrange a free local physiotherapy for your hand if you do have a claim.

When you have filed a hand injury claim, the court typically will not consider any circumstances under which she sustained the injury. This simply means that the amount of compensation given remains the same regardless of whether you are injured at work, shopping, cycling, or due to medical negligence. Hand injury compensation is calculated by the severity and type of the injury, loss of income, and medical expenses.

When you’re calculating your hand injury compensation, you need to look at the following factors:

Pain And Suffering

The cost of medical treatment which may include diagnostic testing, prescription medication, consultation fees as well as surgical procedures if needed.

The cost of rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy.

Associated treatment expenses such as traveling.

The loss of income including promotions and bonuses.

The loss of quality of life which inhibits one’s ability to enjoy daily activities.

Average Hand Injury Compensation Awards

For those who have sustained severe hand injuries which results in an amputation one could expect to receive between £73,100 to £83,325.

However, an average compensation award for serious hand injuries where the capacity of the hand may be reduced by 50% or the use of the hands are severely limited is typically within the range of £22,050 to £47,050.

For injuries were the hands were not crushed or there is simply not as much impaired functions one can expect a compensation amount between £11,000 to £22,050.

For those hand injuries that include crush injuries, penetrating wounds, deep lacerations, one may receive between £4,100 to £10,100, with the higher award for permanent hand disability in the lower for those left with intrusive symptoms.

Proving Liability

A claim for compensation will only succeed if you have the ability to provide solid proof that the hand injury was caused due to an incident that was the result of someone’s negligence, mistake or carelessness.

If the hand injury was due to an accident at work, you must prove that the accident was due to faulty equipment, lack of protective gear, lack of instruction or in another form of negligence due to the part of your employer.

If you injure your hand in a road accident, it is up to you to prove that the injury was the result of the other party.

If you slip and fall and injure your hand on a slippery or damaged surface, the person liable for your injury is going to depend on where the accident occurred. If the accident happened within the confines of a business, the owner will be liable for your compensation. However, if the accident happened outdoors on damaged payment, it is the local authorities that are responsible for the accident. Whereas, if you trip and fall at work due to a damaged surface the responsibility falls upon your employer.

Making A Hand Injury Claim Yourself

While it is possible to claim a hand injury compensation, it is not advisable to do so. Personal injury law is highly complex and it is quite possible to lose your claim on a simple technicality if you are unfamiliar with the law. In addition, you can contact us today for professional advice and not have to pay anything.

Our team of personal injury solicitors are here to help individuals get the compensation that is due to them by offering free consultations to discuss the specifics of your hand injury. If your case is strong, they will help to file your claim without any payment throughout the process. The only time you will pay our solicitor is if your case is one and you have received the proper compensation. This is known as a no win no fee agreement to ensure that you are never at a possible loss.

With these favorable conditions, there is nothing to lose by calling us today and avoid the possibility of losing your compensation by claimant yourself. We are here to help you every step of the way and want you to get the compensation that you need and deserve. It is essential that you take action as soon as possible and begin the process. There are many technicalities involved with this procedure and it is best to contact us for a free consultation. This ensures that you are going to follow all the steps correctly and get the compensation that you deserve. Far too many people make simple mistakes and lose out on their rightful compensation. Make sure you contact us today and allow us to help you through a free consultation. Just because your hand has been injured does not mean you need to suffer with a loss of income. Take the time and call us today for a free consultation and we will work through the process together.