Guess the fake startup + Founders of Jenni.AI, Wearloom, Track, Llama Life + How to hire Gen Z | E1343

By December 10, 2021Uncategorized
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First, Jason plays “Guess the Fake Startup” (1:30). Then, Jason interviews four founders he invested in (12:50):
David Park from about computer copywriting assistants (18:08), Samuel Spitz from Wearloom on aggregating the resale marketplace shopping experience (28:11), Sudhama Bhatia from Track about his premium calendar client (40:35) and Marie Ng from Llama Life on building a time-based productivity tool (51:05). To wrap up the show, we have an “OK Boomer” segment where Producer Rachel talks with Gen Z marketer Erifili Gounari (01:13:25)