Exploring the Benefits of Equity Crowdfunding With Andrew Yakub

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In this video clip, Andrew Yakub, founder and CEO of Rayton Solar, outlines the benefits of equity crowdfunding. Before 2012, companies looking to raise money were limited to working with only accredited investors. But with the implementation of the JOBS Act, companies can now get investments from anyone after going through a regulation process. This opens you up to a whole new (and much larger) pool of investors.

Equity crowdfunding is a new way to finance a company and it’s a new way to get funds.”

More about our expert: Andrew Yakub is the founder and CEO of Rayton Solar Inc, a solar manufacturing company with a proprietary manufacturing process that makes solar panels 60% cheaper and 25% more efficient than the market standard. To date, Rayton has raised over $1M dollars in seed funding. Prior to Rayton Solar, Andrew founded ReGen America Inc, a solar finance company that developed and financed some of the largest commercial solar rooftop projects in Los Angeles. ReGen successfully received over $3M in government grants and operates over 6MW of commercial rooftop solar. Before entering the solar industry, Andrew was a design engineer at the UCLA Particle Beam Physics Laboratory and an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on the Mars Science Laboratory exploratory probe. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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