Evaluating an Investment Opportunity With Joe Landon

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In this video clip, Joe Landon, chairman of Space Angels Network, explains what you should look for when evaluating an investment opportunity. First, you should look at the company’s team and their experience in the industry. The team should be able to adapt to changing circumstances. Second, look for companies that have the potential to be very big wins. That’s the only way to offset the risk of investing in an early-stage company.

I look for a big transformational market, a company that has the potential to be really big.”

More about our expert: Joe Landon is chairman of Space Angels Network, a global angel investor group and the leading source of startup capital for commercial space startups. Joe led Space Angels Network from its founding, and his leadership has facilitated tens of millions in private investment in ventures ranging from privately-built spaceplanes to in-space robotics. Joe also serves as Vice President & CFO of the billionaire-backed asteroid mining venture Planetary Resources.

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