Claims For Accidents In Public Places

By July 10, 2018Slips and Trips
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Whenever you are out and about, whether that is on the street, in the park, or some other public place, it should be possible for you to go about your business or pleasure without running the risk of getting injured.  Businesses have the duty to ensure that you stay safe when you are on their premises.  There are public bodies like local authorities and councils that need to ensure that public highways are maintained properly.

If you have an accident while in a public place, you may be entitled to receive compensation.  Even if you are unsure of who is responsible for the injuries you have sustained, it is still worthwhile to contact us.  One of our expert personal injury lawyers can conduct an in-depth investigation of your case to determine who is responsible for your injuries.

We have assisted thousands of clients with getting the compensation that they deserve after an accident including the following:

  • Accidents in areas that are managed or owned by local councils
  • Children’s accidents (which include school injuries)
  • Dog bites
  • Sports injuries (which include horse riding injuries, gym accidents, and football)
  • Accidents in supermarkets

When you make a claim on your accident that occurred in a public place, it can secure compensation that you can use to help you access the support and rehabilitation that you need in order to make the best recovery possible.  The personal injury solicitors on our staff have a proven track record with these types of claims and have been able to secure compensation of over £1 million over the past two years.

Your claim for your accident in a public place may be made on the basis of No Win No Fee, meaning that even if your claim ends up being unsuccessful, that you won’t have any legal fees that need to be paid.  Also, we offer a free initial consultation that allows us to discuss you case and what we can do to assist you.

When you call us,you will speak to one of our friendly team members, who will speak to you about your injuries.  The initial consultation is completely free – and then from there, we will advise you on what is the best approach for taking your claim forward.

Contact Those Responsible For The Injuries You Have Sustained

We will contact those who were responsible for the accident early on to find out whether they will take the blame for what has occurred.  If they agree to, then we will attempt to get some upfront compensation secured for you, which can be used for funding expenses and private medical care as your claim continues to proceed.  Those payments are called interim payments and will be deducted from the final compensation award that you receive.

Gather Evidence

Next our experts will investigate your case, and gather evidence from different sources like independent medical professionals, CCTV, and witnesses.

We will employ medical professionals in order to determine how your illness or accident has impact your health to make recommendations on the type of care you are going to need to have in the future to ensure the best possible recovery for you.

Final Settlement and Compensation Award

We always do our best to get claims negotiated out of court, to minimise the time it takes to get the claim process settled.  However, if your opponent won’t agree to the amount of compensation that we think you need or accept responsibility, then we start on court proceedings for your claim.

Claims frequently get settled before they reach court even after a trial date is set.  If your claim must be decided in court, then we will be there helping you with the entire process, and talk to you about what is going to happen throughout the process so you can feel comfortable.

What Can My Compensation Pay For?

When you make a personal injury compensation claim, the funds can be used to help cover your expenses, and any needed medical treatment.

Each personal injury case is unique, so there isn’t any set compensation amount that you will receive.  How much compensation you will receive is going to depend on your individual circumstances, as well as the severity and long term impact of your injuries.

To determine the amount of compensation that you are entitled to receive, the following factors will be taken into account by our lawyers:

  • Expenses – which include medical equipment, travel expenses for getting to medical appointments, and other practical daily living expenses.
  • Loss of earnings – for covering any time you have needed to take off work as well as any time you may need to take in the future.  That figure might also cover such matters as not being able to return to the same role or being unable to go back to work at all.
  • Pain and suffering – that is caused by your illness or injury.
  • Additional treatment – pay for any additional medical procedures or surgery that you might need after you experience negligent treatment.
  • Adaptations – we will help you adapt to your vehicle and home following an injury to help you live an independent life. Learn more about the types of changes that can potentially be made to your property.
  • Care costs – for funding home care visits as well as future and past rehabilitative treatments.

How Much Time Do I Have To Make My Claim?

Normally your personal injury claim needs to be made within three years of when your accident took place, so the best thing to do is contact as as soon as you can. If you call us soon after the accident occurred, it makes it a bit easier to collect evidence and there are often not as many problems with locating witnesses whose statements we might need for supporting your case.

The three year time limit does have some exceptions, including the following:

  • Claims made on behalf of a child – these may be made at any time before the child’s 18th birthday.  Once a child is 18 years old, they will be able to make their own claim at any point until they are 21 years old.
  • Mental capacity – for someone who is unable to manage their own case there are no time limits for making a claim on their behalf.
  • Fatal claims – in order to make a claim on a loved one’s behalf, you have three years start on the date of their death to make a claim..  If it was found at a post-mortem that the person’s death was caused by an illness or accident, you have three years start at the point where you had access to these findings.

If you have a personal injury claim that you want to make, we encourage you to call us as soon as you can so we can get started working on your case.

Is It Possible To Make A Claim On A No Win No Fee Basis?

Many of the cases we work on are funded using a No Win No Fee agreement.  That means you do not have any financial risk* when your compensation claim is made.

At the beginning of your case, we will discuss the funding options that are available to you, and advise you on which one we believe is best suited for you.  If you have coverage through either a trade union policy or legal expenses insurance (LEI) then those might be the best options for funding your claim.  Many household insurance policies do include legal expense insurance, so you should check to see if have coverage.

If we believe that a No Win No Fee agreement is your best support, then we will clearly explain this process to you.  It involves getting an insurance policy set up to protect you, free of charge.  You only pay when your claim is successful – and a majority of our fees will be paid by your opponent.

See our No Win No Fee page to get more information on how the process works.

Meet Our Team

We have personal injury solicitors based all over the country, so no matter where you are located, we are here to help you.  We always make sure to take the time that is necessary to truly get to know you and to make sure that we understand what occurred during your accident and how it has impacted your life.