Claim for Deafness Or Hearing Loss

By July 5, 2018Work Injury
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You are able to claim for compensation for deafness or hearing loss when this was caused from another person’s fault.

Our experienced Personal Injury Solicitors handle deafness and hearing damage claims on the No Win No Fee basis.

We provide expert and free legal advice as well as give you information on whether your chances for compensation will be successful or not.

For your free consultation you can call TheYEC on 0808 164 9153 or start an online claim.

TheYEC is able to offer you with instant legal representation as well as arrange for rehabilitation support and medical treatments anywhere in Wales, Scotland and England.

You are able to claim compensation in regard to pain-and-suffering, loss of earnings, out-of-pocket expenses along with costs associated with treatment, rehabilitation and equipment that is required to assist you in recovering. You are still able to claim even when you think you may have been at fault partly for your deafness or hearing loss.

The Steps On How To Claim Compensation For Your Hearing Loss

The initial step will require that you provide the details linked to your deafness, Tinnitus symptoms, or hearing loss. We will also need information on how you think the hearing issue was caused. One example of this, may include suffering from excessive noises in the workplace over a long time.

Once we have gathered all your details, one of our Personal Injury solicitors who specializes in compensations for hearing loss will evaluate the claim on our No win No Fee basis. We can then give you advice on whether the claim is likely to be successful or not.

Call TheYEC department on 0808 164 9153 for your free consultation or let us know when we can call you.

Compensation For Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness along with other work-related hearing loss typically occurs slowly and the symptoms usually take time to surface. Most people that worked inside a noisy factory were not aware that hearing loss happened to be a direct result of a workplace that was noisy. Today, there are also many people that work for the call centres with headphones that are much too loud, which also result in various types of hearing issues.

Our firm specialises in compensation claims associated with Tinnitus, which involves a ringing or buzzing sound inside the ears, which is often the result of overexposure to excessive noise-levels. This condition could be intermittent, however for certain people, Tinnitus can disrupt their daily lives, making it problematic to sleep, or even lead to depression and anxiety.

Industrial deafness and hearing loss can be intensified or caused by exposure to carbon monoxide along with loud noises within the workplace. All employers are required to protect their workers from all forms of accidents in the workplace, which includes the risks associated to injuries associated with hearing.

Our team of Personal Injury Solicitors are experienced in compensation claims for industrial deafness and hearing loss that is work related. In the majority of cases, the process of claiming for compensation for industry hearing loss will be covered by what is known as Employers’ Liability Insurance, that all businesses are by law required to have.

You have an entitlement to compensation when you are able to prove your industrial deafness or hearing loss was completely or partly caused from another person’s fault, like your employer.

Your employers will not be permitted to dismiss you or treat you in an unfair manner when you decide to claim for compensation. In the majority of cases compensation is paid from the insurance of the company and not directly from your employer.

For your free consultation do not hesitate to call TheYEC on 0808 164 9153 or you can start an online claim.