Claim Due to Multiple Injuries

By July 19, 2018Serious Injury
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Filing a Claim Due to Multiple Injuries

If you were in an accident that you did not cause, and you were the one who ended up with the injuries, we will be able to offer help to you. After sustaining numerous injuries, it is possible to file a claim because of what you have endured. A single injury can change your life, but multiple injuries often leads to more pain, more stress, and different issues that could negatively impact you for the rest of your life. When a person gets into an accident, they can suffer from all different kinds of injuries, some of which may not even show up until weeks, months, or years have passed.

After sustaining some serious injuries in a major accident, you may now be going through a rough recovery journey. You are likely experiencing a lot of pain throughout the day. The types of tasks you would normally complete at home may be just a few of the things you can no longer do alone and without the help of someone else. Although you are trying to recover and have probably not put a lot of thought into filing a claim, it is something you should do as quickly as possible because the compensation you could receive could help cover numerous expenses. You have probably had to take a leave of absence from work because of your injuries, which could be causing you to drain your savings account faster than ever before.

Aside from taking a leave of absence from work, you may have consulted with a physiotherapist who has made it clear that you do need to receive counselling due to the traumatic event you were involved in. When you get into such a serious accident and suffer from all kinds of injuries, it is important to receive counselling to overcome some of those different emotions, such as sadness, anguish, frustration, and anger. If you receive compensation, you could use some of the funds to pay for counselling sessions with a professional.

If you would like to get more details from us or would simply like to start the process of making a claim because of everything you have gone through, reach out to our experienced legal advisors today. You can consult with our team of professionals for free.

Understanding a Claim For Multiple Injuries

A claim may be filed by a person after they have sustained several different injuries during an accident that was caused by another party. The primary purpose of this claim is to ensure the injured person receives compensation to help improve his or her finances during such a difficult and trying time. Some of the different injuries may include broken bones, open wounds, chronic back pain, injuries to the head, and more. If you have endured such pain, you probably need to depend on the help of other people to do simple things that you used to do on your own.

While we are unable to prevent the injuries that you have endured, we can focus on doing what is right for you in the aftermath of the accident, which involves seeking compensation to help with that financial strain you may be experiencing right now. The amount of money you would receive from the claim will all depend on the accident you were in and the different injuries you have sustained that are now negatively impacting your life. While we are unable to provide you with an exact price quote, we do have a compensation calculator available for you to use to get a bit of an estimate.

The solicitor will look into some of the different expenses you may have because of the accident, including the cost of your medical treatment and the cost of any extra care you now need to receive. The solicitor will also take your pain and suffering into consideration when making a claim on your behalf. There are some people who receive interim payments while they are awaiting the outcome of their claim and hoping to receive a decent amount of compensation to cover all their expenses and the loss of income due to being out of work.