Choosing Lawyers For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case

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If you have carbon monoxide poisoning, you can claim compensation if you are not at fault. We are a firm that deals with various types of claims. We offer a no win no fee basis. Our consultation does not incur any charges.

Our firm has solicitors that are based in Scotland and Wales. These solicitors are well-experienced and they deal with carbon monoxide poisoning cases so as to ensure that all our customers get the proper compensation as well as rehabilitation after the incident. There are various cases of people who have fallen ill and have been so for years but do not know the cause of the illness. There are also cases of clients who have been wrongly diagnosed when they have carbon monoxide poisoning. They are discharged from the hospital then get worse because they may get more carbon monoxide poisoning at home.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors look for these landlords, plumbers or letting agents that have let this happen and ensure that the clients get compensated. Most cases of carbon monoxide poisoning happen because there are faulty appliances in the home or workplace that use gas. Ignoring these appliances can have dire consequences. There are specific laws that protect all citizens from carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you or a loved one get carbon monoxide poisoning at home, work or any other place, they should ensure that they get medical attention immediately before the issue gets out of hand.

How To File For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Claims

When you want to file for a claim for carbon monoxide poisoning, you will need to tell us the specifics of the incident. This includes details like where it happened, when and how. You will also need to inform us if you saw a doctor after the incident. We will also need to be informed if there were other people affected at the same time that you were. They will be able to serve as witnesses to your case.

Once you contact us, we will tell you how to go about the claim, and what the chances of your winning the case are. You can file for compensation for pain, lost pay or for the cost of rehabilitation.

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