Building an Internal Team With Kyle Kramer

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In this video clip, Kyle Kramer, CEO of Hüify, explains what to consider when deciding to build a sales team internally or externally. On a monetary level, he has seen many teams hire a senior-level CMO with two to three people under them. The most important question to ask is which choice is right for the culture of your company. There’s no right answer — it’s just about how you see the vision of your company from a culture standpoint.

“Creating that relationship and training to know and understand what we know here is what we consider a successful relationship.”

More about our expert: Kyle Kramer is the CEO of Hüify, an inbound marketing and sales enablement firm headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. Hüify focuses on driving revenue for enterprise SaaS companies by increasing sales and decreasing churn.

As an accomplished sales leader and inbound marketing aficionado, Kyle leads his team of kick-ass inbound marketers to build client partnerships around growth goals and to focus on revenue, not impressions. He is a key factor in creating and leading the vision of Hüify and driving the closing culture mentality by determining what will drive results to help hit goals, then executing on hitting them through aligning sales and marketing teams.

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