Building a Positive Company Culture With Matt Abeles

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In this video clip, Matt Abeles, co-founder of BuiltWorlds Media, explains three things you can do to build a strong company culture that attracts millennials. Millennials aren’t looking for dollars; they’re focused on culture, empowerment and environment. You can create an environment that people are more passionate about through the little things, like creating a culture of togetherness. You can also give employees equity in the company to make them feel a part of it. Finally, offer flexibility and focus on team-building activities to show that you respect and appreciate everyone outside of the office, too.

“If we can just get people to be excited about what they’re doing, that’s really important.”

More about our expert: Matt Abeles is co-founder of BuiltWorlds Media, an online media and events company that burst onto the scene in 2014, disrupting the built environment and all those who work and innovate within it. As a thought leader on real estate, finance and the fast-moving technologies transforming design, construction and development, Abeles oversees BuiltWorlds’ expanding outreach to established and emerging industry players committed to pushing the industry forward.

A frequent public speaker, moderator and event organizer, he has played a leading role in events across the U.S. for the Construction Owners Association of America, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, the AEC Hackathon, World of Concrete, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Northwestern University, the University of Washington, the Illinois Institute of Technology and more. Those dozens of events, many at BW headquarters in Chicago as well as on the road in Seattle, New York, California, Texas, Ohio and elsewhere, have afforded Abeles continuing opportunities to spread the BW gospel — advocating for a more collaborative, constructive and creative way of ensuring a more sustainable, efficient and smarter future.

Abeles has also spearheaded the effort to join organizations, trade shows and large events as a media player where he and his team can help spread awareness about technology in the built environment.

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