Branding Outside of Your Niche With Fabio Viviani

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In this video clip, Fabio Viviani, owner, CEO and founder of Fabio Viviani Hospitality LLC, explains why you don’t need to limit your personal brand to one niche. Your main niche could be connected to many other niches that you can branch out into and take advantage of as you navigate your path to success. For example, Viviani started in hospitality and has branched out into wine-making and brand consulting.

The niche that you might fit in could be connected by default with many other niches.”

More about our expert: Chef Fabio Viviani has had a passion for food since his childhood growing up in Florence, Italy. Viviani owned and operated five restaurants in Florence, a farm house and two nightclubs by the time he was 27. Although a well-respected businessman in Italy, he was ready for a change. In 2005, Viviani moved to Ventura County, CA where he opened Café Firenze in Hollywood.

Among Viviani’s other passions, he also has a knack for business. A prolific tech investor and business speaker, not only has he delivered over 300 keynotes in the past 7 years, but he has also been featured at several Fortune 500 companies’ corporate functions to share expertise in branding, social media and marketing.

Most recently, Viviani launched his Know-How Leadership Academy, an online educational platform with guides and courses for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Providing business tools and courses for free, Viviani hopes to educate talent and provide the necessary tools for success.

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