Being a ‘Servant Leader’ With Zach Wilcock

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In this video clip, Zach Wilcock, COO, CFO and Interim CEO of Au Naturale Cosmetics, explains how and why to be a servant leader in your organization. Being a servant leader means that when your team succeeds, you let them celebrate; when they fail, you own it completely. This is because it’s your fault when your team fails, but they should get full credit when they’re doing well. This is both the burden and the pleasure of being a successful leader.

“On a boat the captain is responsible for absolutely everything that happens on board, and that’s something I’ve taken with me into the business world.”

More about our expert: Zach Wilcock was one of the first members at Au Naturale Cosmetics, serving in a variety of roles from COO, CFO and Interim CEO. Previously, he was a business consultant, an oil & gas engineer and a sailor.

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