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Question: What is one basic step you’ve taken in your business to improve digital privacy (e.g. password software)?

Offline Backups

“A friend of mine’s e-commerce site was recently hit with a bad round of ransomware. Due to a software mismatch, she lost everything before she could update her server. This vindicated my obsession with having offline backups of everything in the cloud. Apart from that, all my employees only use one password to access all of their tools. Everyone has a Dashlane account and is logged in automatically.”

Penetration Testing

“One basic step we’ve taken this year to improve digital security is having our website and office network penetration tested. We know our website and networks come with security features and we enable them, but we never really take the time to test them. Having an IT person come in and intentionally try to hack your business to find and fix any flaws will ensure that your data is 100 percent secure.”

Employee Education

“In my business, data privacy is all important. Most of the people who work for me are technical experts who understand the value of secure passwords, encryption and best practices. But I train to make sure administrative staff — assistants, office managers, etc. — understand the risks of security issues like phishing. Every employee needs to have a basic grasp of data security and privacy.”

Hotspot Shield VPN Protection

“To protect ourselves when traveling abroad, connecting in airports, coffee shops and making online transactions, we use Hotspot Shield. This keeps our information more secure and always allows us to connect with a North American IP address. It also gives us access to all the apps and websites that require a USA IP address.”


LastPass is an awesome way to organize passwords and keep them safe. Not only is it difficult to breach, but it has a lot of flexibility. You can use it on a personal or enterprise level, even giving different employees access to different passwords. Each password can be selected for different access limitations. We really like it.”


Dashlane is excellent for personal and professional password management. I’ve used a variety of apps before, but Dashlane has stood out amongst its peers and has worked flawlessly across devices. It increases productivity while keeping our business’s privacy on lockdown. From a privacy perspective, a solid password solution is one of lowest-hanging fruits (in addition to encrypted backups).”


“We moved everyone in the company to using RoboForm. All passwords are generated through RoboForm and are virtually unhackable. The data is synced so that all users have access to the updated passwords on their browser. We’ve also made the switch to https.”

Training On Phishing Emails and Other Scams

“Our VP of Finance received an email that looked like it came from me, using my photo and signature asking that I urgently wire funds to a vendor. Naturally, he was suspicious so he spoke to me directly to avoid a costly mistake. Because the email was so convincing, we ran a training on the experience. Make training memorable by using real-world examples to emphasize the seriousness of the topic.”


“At SOCi, we’ve started using Bitium, which is a great tool to protect your accounts while simplifying password management. It has definitely improved our digital security while also reducing the time needed to manage passwords and logins.”