8 Ways to Incorporate Short Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

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Question: What’s one powerful way to use short videos in your content marketing strategy?

Show the Human Side of Your Brand

“Use videos to show your brand is backed by real humans. So many times people hide behind stock photography. People do business with people. Being open shows you are real and vulnerable. Buyers like that transparency.”

Add Customer Testimonials

“I think customer testimonials are a powerful way to use short videos. We have a number on our website and add them to the bottom of our emails. We recently recorded a testimonial where a client improved their ACT to a perfect score after using our service.”

Record Quick Vines

“We create a lot of Vines (quick six-second videos) to express how we’re feeling and explain something really well. These little videos get embedded into our content to give an even more powerful version of what we’re trying to convey. It’s also fun thinking up things and keeps us active in areas where we normally wouldn’t be active.”

Use Your FAQs

“Regardless of the category of FAQs (sales, marketing, customer service, customer onboarding, etc.), you’re being presented with content that’s perfect for video. Take your top 7-10 FAQs in each department and create a short video answering the question. This will not only provide you with a deep library of very search-friendly content, but it will also reduce time spent on answering questions.”

Use Games to Engage Your Audience

“Use video to engage your audience. Create interactive content such as a “game/promotion” video. By giving your audience snippets of videos in a contest format, you promote users to participate and socialize, allowing you to generate traffic and create virality within your community. It gives your audience the opportunity to participate in your brand while becoming an ambassador for your business.”

Show Them How Your Product Works

“It amazes me how many businesses miss this. They could have an amazing product, but instead of showing how it actually works, they just list all the features it has, how it’s priced and a few testimonials. Don’t tell me — show me. Short video showing an actual usage of the product will do wonders in terms of how fast the viewer “gets it” in regards to what your product can do for them.”

Outsource Animations

“There are great sites that connect you with quality outsourcers who can create a 60-second professional looking and sounding animation for only a few hundred dollars. Shooting “real” footage and using lifelike images is very hard to produce and get to look professional without spending mega dollars. Find someone with a decent portfolio and let them work their magic.”

Let Your Personality Shine

“Short, consistent videos that show your personality and purpose with viewers are a powerful way to drive a content marketing strategy. Bring a face to your company or your mission. Let people in on how you think about the problem you’re trying to solve. Keep the flow consistent, giving viewers a reason to follow or subscribe to your feed.”