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Question: Name one challenge with native advertising and how to overcome it.

Medium Fit

“The biggest mistake I see with native advertising is actually the most common online marketing mistake I see in general: Brands decide their message based on how they see their product and where they want to publish. That’s perfectly backwards. Content needs to be carefully customized to fit a specific, narrow audience and medium or it’s going to be unwelcome, causing the campaign to fail.”

Moving Beyond Selling

“Native advertising has three goals: Establish the business or individual as the authority, expert or celebrity; identify the target market and problem to help self-select the audience; build social proof. It is not to sell. This should only be the first step in a layered campaign. To run one effectively, the follow-up ads and campaigns should be thought through and set up ahead of time.”

Providing Authenticity

“Native advertising fails when it doesn’t match the tone and environment of where it’s being placed. I think it’s very important that you bring the owners into the discussion when creating native advertising for their sites. They know what their users expect, and they know when your attempt to advertise might come across as tone deaf. If they’re willing to help, you should take their advice.”

Maximizing Page Views

“Maximizing page views on native sponsored posts is a challenge that many publishers experience when working with advertisers. Leveraging content discovery platforms like Outbrain or Taboola in marketing strategies is an effective way to amplify content, increase engagement, and drive more visitors to an advertiser’s site.”

Option Overload

“The primary challenge with native advertising is having too many channels and different types of ads. This makes it really hard to scale. The only way to curtail the overwhelm is to determine your focus. If you’re advertising off-site, carefully select the businesses you want to partner up with. If you’re accepting native advertising, choose the formats you accept, and make sure advertisers know.”

Wide Range of Formatting Styles

“Each social platform has specific formatting challenges that your native ads must comply with, and this makes for a lot of work when trying to accommodate each individual formatting request. Try to automate or systematize how you compile native ads as much as possible. This will give you an edge when creating several like native ads across different platforms.”

Becoming Too Generic

“Problems can arise with native advertising if your content doesn’t clearly point to your brand because you are trying to blend into the publication and avoid sales pitches. Remember, you’re not in business to promote your industry, you’re in business to promote your brand. Adding a defined call to action will ensure readers only find and connect with your company and not with a competitor.”