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Question: What’s an innovative way companies can incorporate emerging video platforms into their business strategy?

Record Customer Testimonials

“Dedicate a few people from your team to start taping customer testimonials. Throw those testimonials on YouTube and share them on social media. From there, dedicate time every week to developing a short (5-10 minutes) video episode for internal use where you interview employees and offer company updates. This way, your employee engagement will go through the roof.”

Use Crowdcast for Instant Webinars

“Video can often be one-way. A brand tells its fans what the company is up to, or gives them a behind-the-scenes look at the business. Crowdcast is a startup that provides dead-simple webinars. You can use their platforms to actually have a dialogue with your fans. Best of all, you can capture all of the live content and save it on your site for future visitors!”

Use Snapchat Video Channels

“Snapchat isn’t content with simply offering videos through its “Discover” feature. It wants to give users a reason to keep coming back. If they plan to let users subscribe to Discover channels, you want your company to be the first mover. Snapchat is poised to record a huge growth this year.”

Show Your Products in Action

“Short, live video platforms like Vine are great for showing off something that doesn’t come across well in just images. Mixing videos with products pages, such that buyers can see them being handled and used live, is something I expect to see a lot more of very soon.”

Hold a Panel with Google Hangouts

“We’ve found great success by facilitating an industry panel of experts. Pick a current trend or controversial topic to be discussed. With nine people on the panel and one moderator, each participant will share their own views, which makes for an educational session full of lively discussion. Upload a copy to YouTube for those who missed the live recording.”

Record Q&As

“Ask the experts in your industry about certain topics on a weekly basis, and use their answers to create a video. The expert doesn’t have to be present — just an individual reading off advice and shouting out the expert’s name, company, Twitter handle and more. This is a great way to boost connections, views and shares, and will be very appreciated by those who take part!”

Build Community With Periscope

“The dream of live streaming from your mobile phone is finally here, and companies can now give a firsthand look at what’s happening behind the scenes. Media and entertainment companies can capitalize on this by Periscoping from events and giving personality to the brand in real time. Our travel company builds community through Periscope all the time.”

Train Your Staff With Video

“Not only does this help standardize what new employees and existing staff hear about the company and its culture, but it also helps create a more efficient and engaging process for the organization and those involved in getting this information. Typically, these processes are paper-based and boring, but video adds interest and offers a way to make the information stick.”

Make Video Part of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

“More people than ever are using their smartphones to do research and shopping, and they love to watch videos. It makes sense to include a visually engaging platform in your mobile marketing strategy. You can include videos on social media marketing sites, your website and in mobile ads, since video ad campaigns or insightful product or service videos are shared more than other content.”

Go Live With Customer Service

“I’d love to see a sales staff on live video helping customers who can’t make it to the store. Some service work can also be done with video connections. There are millions of “How I did this simple task” videos on YouTube. I’m waiting for more companies to take advantage of video to provide real value to customers, rather than bleep out more negligible marketing clips.”