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Question: What’s your favorite tool for handling client/customer communication in a timely manner — and in one place?


“We use AppBoy to organize all of our customer feedback from both our app and website. It has an easy-to-use interface that shows once a user’s feedback has been responded to. It also sends an email to our customer service team with a time stamp when new feedback is received.”

Applicant Tracking System

“As a recruiting agency, our primary form of engaging with our clients is our Applicant Tracking System. The team has access to the progress of every client, all open positions and every candidate. In turn, we can be efficient in our communication and execution. There is really no such thing as over-communication. The more you can give a client, the better your relationship over a period of time.”


“We use HelpScout for our support system combined with their multiple integrations. We have integrated our customer records and documentations to help customers in a timely manner.”

Project Bubble

“While we are in the middle of building our own backend, we have used Project Bubble for several years. It’s packed with features and really does a great job at keeping everyone, from team members to clients, on the same page. It’s simple to set up and most importantly, it’s easy for clients to use. Zero technical know-how is required, which is great.”

Google Hangouts

“Our favorite communication tool is Google Hangouts.  It’s simple, everyone already has the tools, and the video and screen sharing is efficient at putting everyone in sync while defusing the tension of email. The reality is that we catch clients where they are already — Skype, email, phone, AIM, Jira, Trello, whatever it takes to get things done. Then we use Wrike to track our progress.”


“We use Basecamp for project management and client communication. We can organize it by threads and topics. The best thing is that client can communicate via email as well, and all the emails get posted in Bascemp in one thread. Whenever a message is posted it sends notifications via email so that everyone can read it and respond in timely manner. We can also add files and comments.”


Facebook is more an add-on, and I would definitely use something like Intercom in addition. But I’ve found that having an active Facebook group of users is a fantastic way to handle feedback, complaints, and tips in a timely manner. Everyone’s already on Facebook all the time, so it’s fast.”


Intercom is a relatively new solution that simplifies customer communication for more personalized experiences. Yet, it is technologically advanced in terms of a platform that allows you to communicate in many ways, including via email, web and mobile apps, or website. You can use it to get feedback, provide technical support, and acquire and engage with customers.”


“We’ve been experimenting with letting our clients have accounts on our Trello boards for their account, so they can follow the work and make notes on anything that interests them. As you might imagine, there are some downsides to this as far as working culture goes; but at the same time, our clients know that their contributions are seen and acted upon. It’s worked pretty well for us.”


“We’ve loving GrooveHQ for handling customer support emails as well as social media communications, all in one place. We’ve even built a custom integration into our Infusionsoft CRM platform so we can look up a client’s orders in seconds. It’s great to also see a customer’s social profile at a glance before replying to an email, so you can be even more personal and genuine.”


“We find Xendesk a powerful tool to track all open customer service tickets. We pull in various email addresses for different branches, as well as social media questions. Through Zendesk we can track all open queries and make sure our responses are effective and timely.”


“It’s critical to have an effective CRM system in place that provides for consistent and open communication with clients, but most startups can’t afford the big solutions on the market. However, Zoho offers a simpler system at a much lower cost that still gives you the features you need to track results and personalize communications with clients.”


“We really like for all our customer service and customer communication needs. This allows everything to go into a queue where we can respond to everyone in the most timely manner possible. It also looks really nice. We’ve used a couple tools that were standard and didn’t look as modern, and didn’t get near the positive responses as we did with Desk.”