10 Best Ways to Secure Ambassadors to Promote Your Brand

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Question: What’s the best way to secure ambassadors to promote my brand?

Make It Easy

“The easier something is to do, the more likely people will do it. So make sure they have all the tools, knowledge and information they need at their disposal: samples, literature, swag, the right answers to common questions, a support system in place, etc. If they’re confident that you’ve prepared them well and are standing at the ready behind them, they’ll be far more willing to go forward for you.”

Be Authentic and Offer Incentives

“When we open a new store, we first read local magazines and search on social media to find the key influencers who are out and about and attending events on a weekly basis. We reach out to this influencer list and offer a complimentary product to see if they like the brand. We then provide them company credit for referrals, which can be significant given the number of people they’re meeting.”

Create a Program and Promote It

“Publicize an ambassador program that actively seeks out these influencers who are more than happy to represent your product and service if they like it. The program should include messaging and a targeting plan to seek out these ambassadors. Having a program with consistent communication and buy-in for the potential ambassadors can help secure them.”

Target Your Most Dedicated Customers

“As a company who reaches moms and moms-to-be, almost everything we do is word-of-mouth based. The best place to start is with your most dedicated customers. You would be surprised how many people will want to help spread the word. Often they will do it for trade, as they just want to be a part of a brand they love.”

Gather, Nurture and Ask

“For our members, we’ve worked hard to create a lively and engaged Facebook group. We are in there every day answering questions, having conversations and celebrating our members. On the sixth week of membership, they receive a survey. Whenever we see a super fan come through, we reach out to do a member feature and ask if that person will help to be an ambassador of our group. This works well.”

Call on Strong Network Ties

“The best ambassadors are people with whom you’ve cultivated a solid relationship over the long term. You talk regularly, you’ve helped them out, and they’ve helped you out. Therefore, it’s not strange or irritating when you approach them with an ask to publicly promote your brand. I personally bristle when I get a request out of the blue, even if I happen to like the person or product.”

Only Engage People With Passion

“The best ambassadors are those who don’t need convincing or compensation. If you have a great product or service, there are undoubtedly influencers out there who either already love using it or would love using it. Develop a list of target influencers you think make sense, reach out to gauge their passion and excitement about your offering, and when you smell the organic mutual love, you’re in.”

Show Them That You Care

“Build a relationship with them and ask for their opinion. It may sound simplistic, but when you show that you care about them, they will also reciprocate. If they sense that you’re just trying to get them on your side so you can get more exposure for your brand, odds are they will only do the minimum required. Create a brand they’ll want to promote.”

Build a Microbrand First

“Brand ambassadors are force multipliers. But they need something to work with. Start building your product and community before recruiting ambassadors. Focus heavily on design. Ambassadors love working with brands that get great feedback from their fans. Show them that a few people already love your service, and they’ll follow your lead in promoting your company.”

Give First, Ask Second

“There’s a simple rule in the game of life: “Give and you shall receive.” So before approaching ambassadors, how can you help them? Can you provide a dedicated training to help them grow their business or a personal phone call to help them with their marketing? Give first and ask them to help later.”