Industry :

Out-of-Home Advertising

What :

An incredibly powerful technology stack that, when combined with a new, transportation law, creates a dynamic and trackable out-of-home advertising channel called “Trailerskirt Advertising”.

Launch :

March 15th, 2017

Current Situation :

Launching Pilot Programs

Recent Milestones :
  • Technology continues to prove out
  • Conducting Pilot Programs with brands and agencies HQ’d in DFW
  • In talks to do a Joint Venture with strategic technology partner

A new OOH Advertising Channel and Tracking Technology

The Stack

StreetGreen’s technology combines Fleet ELD, GIS mapping, retail GPS and fresh population data to uncover high-traffic routes, and drive a fleet of highly visible mobile billboards down them. This data displays the number of impression’s, plus 15 other critical KPIs in a robust dashboard for CMOs.

The Media

The “President’s Climate Action Plan” requires all that all “18-wheelers” become 20% more fuel-efficient.  To comply, most fleets will install hard-polymer aerodynamic side skirts. There are 40,000,000+ trucks on the road in America.

Over 500,000 trucks already have side skirt panels installed, and we can map their routes to your retail locations – resulting in an extremely dynamic, attractive, effective OOH advertising channel with trackable impression data.

Trailerskirt Advertising provides more impressions, dwell-time and reach than traditional bulletins.