Sustaining information dominance and

technological superiority to maintain the

strategic high ground in cyberspace.

  1. Deliver deep access to the Internet of Things, Social Media and Dark Web; provide unique datasets virtually unknown to private industry or USG
  2. Spot, assess, train and certify cyber operators; provide virtual “on net” mentoring; Train/Advise/Assist cyber operators while in cyber domain
  3. Counter hostile messaging, hacking, threats and propaganda showing origin, support network and methods.
  4. Conduct discreet, non-attributable, zero-detect “cyber lurking”
  5. Deliver insight and I&W to senior multi-disciplined staff elements from intelligence to marketing, STRATCOM to SOCOM, security to social science.
  6. Develop exploits to/from a wide range of sources: Access to block chain transactions, dark web commerce, hackers, game chat, telecom, many others
  7. Provide 24/7 responsive cyber net to task and query; build deep reporting
  8. Train, equip, and supervise assets to gather local, relevant information

Open to select investors only.