Building Community With Kristin Marquet, Founder of Creative Development Agency, LLC

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Kristin Marquet is the founder and creative director of Creative Development Agency, a PR firm in New York City. Follow her @Kristinmarquet.

Recently, YEC spoke with Marquet about her experiences building a community for customers and stakeholders in her business, and what others interested could learn about the process.

The Value of Community

Building a community for entrepreneurs is valuable (not just to me as the creator) but any member who is looking to expand their network, ask others for advice and build a support system.

A community is a group of people who have similar interests and support your business and one another, while customers or subscribers are those who read your content and/or purchase from your business.

Taking an Organic Approach to Growth

I created a community for one of my businesses about a year ago, and it’s been great because it helps entrepreneurs connect with other entrepreneurs who have similar goals, values and interests.

I would recommend keeping an eye on your community as it grows to ensure members are using it to build relationships and gather support and ultimately get the most value they can. Focus on having existing members bring in referrals, friends and colleagues, instead of trying to be to everywhere. Take more of an organic approach when you can.

Looking for Mutual Benefits

As a publicist and influencer, I am always connecting people with one another where both parties can benefit. In fact, whenever I connect a client with an editor or a television producer, the client is happy and remains a client of ours.

Segment your existing community into smaller groups based on interest, goals, vertical, values, etc. so you can connect with those members on a more intimate level.

Not Going at It Alone

One person can’t manage multiple growing communities alone, as I have learned. Whenever I create a new community, I ask one of my staff members to help monitor and manage it.