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Question: What’s a good WordPress trick a lot of people don’t know about?

Clickable URLs

“Something that has helped us is making a URL clickable. A lot of people do not know that WordPress offers this function, and this makes it easier for our visitors to get the information, participate in our contests and take advantage of all the site has to offer.”

Keyboard Shortcuts

“A lot of the tasks bloggers perform in WordPress, especially in the text editor, are actually superfluous. The WordPress developers have built in a ton of shortcuts that completely streamline the writing process. For example, you can press Alt+Shift+N for a spell checker, or Alt+Shift+S to remove a link.”

The Yoast SEO Plugin

“I see a lot of people using WordPress without installing Yoast SEO Plugin for their title tags and Meta descriptions. It’s a very easy plugin that helps you do the basic SEO.”

Load Time Reduction

“The time it takes for a website to load is a critical factor when it comes to online lead generation. It impacts search engine rankings and conversion rates (the number of people who perform a desired action, such as a purchase, per 100 website visitors). You can speed up a website’s load time using a plugin similar to: “W3 Total Cache.””

The Thrive Themes Suite

Thrive Themes offer conversion focused themes and plugins. It’s our go-to suite of tools for all websites that we build. They make it extremely easy to build a site that can get visitors and generate leads easily with their landing page library, content builder, lead boxes, quizzes, and more. Best kept secret for website marketers.”