5 Things Entrepreneurs in Smaller Market Spaces Can Do to Reach Clients and Investors in Larger City Areas

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Question: What can entrepreneurs in smaller market spaces do to reach clients, investors, and customers in larger city areas?

Showcase Your Value Proposition

“Make it clear that regardless of your geographical locale that you are a fit for the customer’s needs. Geography shouldn’t be a limiting factor to showing that your company can deliver. This can be done effectively with targeted case studies, talks or videos. Any medium can work, but the key idea is that you need to show in a targeted manner how your expertise can help the customer succeed.”

Be Resourceful

“To reach anyone, in any market, from any market, we have a multitude of tools. It’s 2017! Internet, social media, research, email, snail mail, pay-per-click advertising, Google Ads, tweets, comments, shout-outs, phone; you name it. Very easy to “reach out and touch someone.” Now the real question is, how do you stand out and elicit a response? “

Remember Your Baseline

“Your first step is to assess the larger market based on your own strengths, weaknesses and competitiveness. Once you’ve done that, create some marketing assets related to the market you want to target — localized landing pages, fresh posts on your blog, social posts and so on.”

Use Google Maps

“Put yourself on the map, literally, with Google. Many people are looking for services or products in specific locations. Searching with Google Maps makes this easy to do. Potential customers might just be visiting or passing through your town. Sign up with Google My Business and put information about your business right on the map.”

Create Valuable Content That Aligns With Solving Your Customer’s Problems

“People need a problem solved. If you speak to them about that problem, earn their trust with content that positions you as a trustworthy expert who is capable of solving their problems, then you will win their business. Create a piece of content for each specific type of person you want to reach, then use Facebook ads to target the audience in the location you are trying to reach.”