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Question: What habit have you developed as an entrepreneur that you didn’t have before?

Daily Meditation

“I’ve gotten better at organizing my days. Honestly, I’ve had to. I’m now in the habit of starting each morning with a run on the treadmill, a brief meditation session, and a healthy breakfast. I find that helps me focus much better during the day and in turn, I’m more productive as a result.”

Delegating Tasks

“Before, I felt that I personally had to do everything I was responsible for. However, it doesn’t work like that when you are an entrepreneur. You need to wear so many hats and take care of so many things that it’s close to impossible to do it all by yourself. If there is anything that someone else does better than I can and I can afford to hire him or her, I’ll do so.”

Time Management

“Time management is something I struggled with in my early years in business. I had issues completing tasks due to not managing my time. I found that if I block off certain times of the day for specific tasks like taking phone calls, this frees up the rest of the day and allows me to work efficiently.”

Not Being Afraid to Fail

“Any failed attempts I have had are lessons learned, building quite the ladder of stepping stones to where I am today. It’s important to do your research and be cautious, knowing that theory and application are not always 1:1 is equally as important. Taking educated risks results in either a database of useful applicable knowledge or financial success. Either way, you win.”

Taking Specific Action

“The most important habit I’ve developed is action taking. The best ideas don’t mean anything if they sit idly in your notebook. Have an idea that can help improve your business? Get in motion to make it happen as soon as you can. Ride that initial energy of a fresh idea to build up your momentum. You can also course correct later, but you can’t steer a parked car. All success starts with action.”