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Question: What kind of mentoring opportunities have you found most useful over the years and why?

The Unexpected

“I’ve found the best mentoring was unexpected. The people who fell into my life that I learned from wasn’t planned per se. I learn whenever and wherever I can. The best mentoring opportunity is being open to knowledge and always absorbing and learning along the way.”

Hands-On Mentoring

“My favorite mentoring opportunities are always the ones that let me get out into the field and get my hands dirty, so to speak. I learn more being faced with direct challenges than I do sitting down and chatting with someone, so having the chance to go side-by-side with a mentor and watch how they do things has always been invaluable to me.”

Mentoring in Subjects You Care About

“In my experience, I’ve found the most interesting mentoring opportunities in something that I truly enjoyed, not a stepping stone that could lead to where I wanted to go.”

Coyote Mentoring: Gently and Covertly Coaxing You Beyond Your Comfort Zone

“In certain circumstances, it is vital to get direct instructions from your mentor. But often times, the result of your most powerful lessons reveal themselves later. When you are faced with a challenge that you mysteriously know how to handle, when something just clicks, you think back to the learning moment (that at the time, you didn’t realize you were having) and realize what your mentor did.”