Viability Research

Think you’ve got a great idea? We’ll help you prove it.  Our in-depth market research will provide the proof the Angel Investors need before they’ll fund your start-up Cha-Ching! .

Angel Funding

Bring us your napkin and scribbles. We’ll turn it into an Investor Presentation so comprehensive and convincing that you’ll feel confident swimming with the sharks Here fishy, fishy! .

Design & Develop

Want to monetize your dream? Our Designers, Writers & Programmers build your application using proven tactics & techniques that increase adoption & conversion rates AKA, Profitability! .

Digital Marketing

Now that your dream is a reality, how ya gonna tell the world? Leveraging SEO, SEM, PPC, Social, Retargeting, PR & more,  we’ll get this party started, cost-effectively Woot! Hands in the air...! .

We Bring Companies to Market, Customers to Companies,
and Opportunities to Investors.

For nearly 20 years we’ve helped start-up and burgeoning companies successfully penetrate the market, drive new business and acquire capital investment. We know from experience how crucial these first steps are and, that decisions made now can result in successful monetization or, expensive failure.

First and foremost, we build business assets – meticulously crafted to drive audience engagement, provide actionable business data, and drive revenue. Creating business tools to make your company more attractive, effective and efficient is a scientific art we excel in.

However, even the most effective tool is useless if no one uses it. Creating awareness, generating interest, and convincing prospects to invest their time and money is difficult. Strategizing Marketing plans, isolating target audiences and executing the tactics and techniques that bring businesses to life is what gets us up in the morning.

Some of the Companies We’ve Brought to Market,
and a Few Others You’ll be Seeing in 2017.

From Experiential Franchises to Consumer Packaged Goods to Digital Applications, we’re there every step of the way to ensure your endeavor has the financial capital, technological support and marketing plan to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Our 6-Phase Launch Sequence is a Proven Process

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    Viability Research, Marketing Plan Consultation, Application Analysis and Creative Brief Development

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    Keyword Research, Functionality Assessment, Wireframe Development and Database Structure

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    UX/UI Prototyping, Design Development and Investor Presentation

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    Finish-out of the front-facing application, Content Development and Foundational SEO.

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    Use-Case assessment and documentation, Programming and Marketing Materials Development

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    Content integration, Test and Turn-up, and Marketing Launch


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